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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

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    The album was supposed to come out in April last year. How long do they want "Boom Clap" to hang around? Jesus.
  2. 2014

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    Pushbacks are the worst.
  3. I love that new cover!
  4. yeah, it's silly.
    Boom Clap won't hang near top10 forever. She will drop out in 4-5 weeks and Break the Rules probably even won't make it to the chart, cause it's been out for a month and it still hasn't charted anywhere. We'll see, in October, they could have promoted it as "Boom Clap singer Charli XCX". But in December, sorry, but no one gives f*ck about her or TFIOS anymore.
    It's sad and we'll hope the best but I'm trying to be realistic.
    btw is Seronja really confirmed as the third single? It sounds super cool but I just really need Breaking Up.
  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    October made perfect sense for the release date. Not too much competition, Boom Clap will have begun to settle, Break The Rules may of had some room to chart, but this push back is awful.

    Why throw her in the saturdated Xmas market in the states, then have her album out 6 weeks later overseas after it's been reaped of life through illegal downloads?

    I'm of the mentality that any charting what-so-ever is great for Charli since True Romance did almost nothing, but I want her to be big! Not be smashed by label politics.
  6. At least when it flops she'll go back to being an indie queen.
  7. 2014

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    That album cover does look great
  8. could someone explain my the point of releasing the CD in US and Europe with a month long gap? who wins with a situation like this?
  9. The internet.
  10. They haven't started their radio push for "Break the Rules." It goes for adds in the US October 7th, which makes sense since "Boom Clap" is still taking its time to fade away on US radio. I just got a ratethemusic research survey for it a couple days ago, so they've started testing audience response. I think it could very well become a hit too and then the album pushback won't seem quite as moronic.
  11. It's too bad there's not a sequel to The Fault in Our Stars being released this year, and Charli could tack 'Break the Rules' on there.

    Everyone just dies again, or something.
  12. Is there an actual reason videos are released a while before a single's release? I can't really think of any reason why it should be available for free on YouTube even a second before it's available for purchase.

    If I'd actually been listening to Break the Rules regularly, I'd be over it by now and ready for something new, and it isn't even out yet.
  13. The album cover would look incredible as a vinyl.
  14. That month long gap though. I have no idea what the label are thinking.
  15. you work in a radio or something? #ignorant
  16. I didn't realise it hadn't been sent to radio yet. I'd assumed it would have been considering it's on iTunes and the video has been floundering for a while. Seems weird for them to bank on it being a hit when she hasn't proven herself as a solo artist, with Fault in our Stars being instrumental to 'Boom Clap's success. I thought the move was reactionary to 'Break the Rules' rather than 'Boom Clap': don't get why they decided to switch things around so late really.
  17. Bye bye 2nd album.
  18. Hopefully Break The Rules is the hit that leads into the album. I've played it for friends on some car rides and they've all responded to it well, asking me what it was days later.
  19. RJF


    Utterly absurd move. I was actually thinking the other day that I was impressed with how fast everything had been turned out to capitalise on her sudden success. Now she'll be releasing at the busiest time of the year with no hit singles to back it up. Absolute disaster of the highest order.
  20. Plus, what kind of braindead move is it to separate the dates by such a ridiculous margin when there are already serious talks underway about unified international release dates possibly as early as next year. Completely stupid move.
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