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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Why should you be embarrassed?

  2. RJF


    I mean, Charli has always been bratty, but she usually managed to marry it with some eloquence or intelligence. It's like she saw how well the utterly brain-dead "I Love It" did and just threw her hands up and surrendered.
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Being embarrassed of your music taste because you're not gay..............................
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Yes, Charli HAS been bratty, but it's always been done with a knowing wink. Now it feels like she's gained a bunch of tween girl fans and feels like she has to be NAUGHTY1!!1.
  5. nope I did not mean that..u got me wrong. I just often listen to music that is listed as "feminine" or so on. and I have not been embarrassed so far, I said that maybe I should..
  6. RJF


    To be fair, I'm embarrassed listening to Charli's latest output.
  7. Quite.
  8. So what if Charli didn't write London Queen from scratch? It's a kick ass punk song that suits her perfectly. I can already see the tweens mosh pit dancing at her show. I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely love it. It's totally Shampoo 2014.

    By the way, I'm surprised people 'got' Bubblegum Bitch, but not this.
  9. I don't get what you're all moaning about, London Queen is great. Giving me Go-Go's circa 1982 vibes. The worst I can say about it is that it's repetitive, but it is Ramones-inspired...
  10. Well, I don't think it kicks ass, so mostly I hear it as the death of what had, up until this point, been a very good ear for pop songs. I cannot imagine hearing this and thinking "Wow! What a song! I must record this." Because it's not special at all.
  11. Punk Album Not Dead.
  12. The fact that Mr. PJ recently refered to the album as 'album of the year' and rated this a 6/10 makes me not completely lose faith in this project.
  13. .
  14. That track listing looks more legitimate than the other one - Amazon usually gets the information from the label so it's probably real.

    I look forward to "Seronja" somehow being on the album and proving me wrong, though.
  15. Break The Rules [Explicit]?
  16. "Bitch, you wanna fly?"
  17. London Queen is the worst song on the album, FYI.
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    But it's better than Break The Rules... soooooooooo...?
  19. I think "Seronja" was the demo version of "Sucker". I'm pretty sure that it was "F*ck You! Seronja!"
    And it's funny that we had two wrong track listings.
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