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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. That doesn't even scan.
  2. London Queen would've probably been received better if it'd been kept under wraps until the album release, it's only natural to judge to entire album based on what we've heard and it's a little disposable.
  3. But it makes you think, if these are the tracks they've chosen to put out to represent the album then the rest of the album must be even more disposable as the best tracks are usually put out.

    It reminds me of Judy Is A Punk by The Ramones which is nice enough, but her whole new direction just feels so unoriginal. True Romance felt like Charli's version of something. This just feels like her vocals on a song that could've been by anyone.
  4. That's never really true though, is it? Most times people love the random album cuts.
  5. Hm. Charli and Justin disappointed me with this one. Nothing really redeeming about it. It's not a good pop song, and it's not a good punk song either.
  6. Justin Raisen was involved in this...?! The guy who helped make gems like Kristine & Omanko...?!

    Total disappointment.
  7. I don't think they're putting the 'best' songs out first, they're clearly putting out the most commercial ones first.
  8. This is almost the exact opposite of what they're doing. It's 'positioning'.
  9. The meltdowns over this song. It sounds exactly like what I want and expect from Charli, this is what Cher and Dion would blast on their way to school.
  10. He also had six co-writes on True Romance.

    The only criticism I'd be tempted to make of this campaign/'era' is that I'm yet to hear a track that knocks my heart out for six like "Grins", "Lock You Up", "So Far Away" etc. did (and still do). But I'm willing to wait for the full album before I make any conclusive judgements - it's a 13-track record, from which we've heard just three songs in studio form.
  11. I feel like she's been told to fit a certain mould... I dunno. I'm worried that she's going to start sounding like a rip-off/spoof of herself.
  12. "London Queen" reminds me of Kim Wilde. I like it.
  13. I like Break The Rules and London Queen but I hope some of the other tracks on Sucker have a bit more melody.
  14. So they're releasing the worst tracks upfront so when the whole thing comes out even the fillery tracks will sound amazing in comparison?
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I find myself agreeing with my usuals. This new song lacks any identifiable spark, life, "enjoyability", etc.

    It's just a ball of desperate attempts to be quirky and interesting for the sake of it, but it's so weak and hollow. I have little faith in the album as a unit.
  16. Holy shit, what is happening to her?
  17. Probably one of the worst songs she's ever recorded.
  18. This London Queen hate is ridiculous. The production sounds fabulous with a pair of good headphones, and it's just a solid, inoffensive, well done chune.
  19. I still really like it.
  20. The headphones thing is such an argument of last resort. I hardly think Charli is writing songs to be enjoyed at full fidelity with a true audiophile's setup, and the whole point of a song as depressingly straightforward as this is is that nothing about this requires reexamination or deep thought of any kind. If it grabs on first listen (which it hasn't for me, at least) that's the most impact it'll ever have.
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