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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. I'm waiting for the proper release, but I must say I'm very happy people are loving the album. I knew people would eventually come around to London Queen. It's a megababe megabop.
  2. Easily one of the worst albums of 2014. How the hell did she get it so wrong?
  3. Edu


    I was expecting something way way worse for this album.

    I'm an old school Charli stan, True Romance is one of my favorite pop albums ever and I was hating everything I'd heard since Superlove. Boom Crap did nothing for me, I just felt old listening to Break The Rules, London Queen is a mess and Breaking Up... okay, I like this one 'cause reminds me of Shampoo and The Bangles, but then I listened to the album twice today and now I'm sold to the punk rock cheerleader riot grrrl she became.

    Charli just gets it. The girl knows how to write a good pop hook, but I wish I was younger to enjoy the record more than I can right now. Sigh. Sucker, Doing It and Caught In The Middle are all 10/10. Breaking Up video still is a 11/10.
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  4. I'm feeling it. Doing It, Need Ur Luv (incredible), Caught In The Middle, Sucker are my immediate new favourites. Hanging Around and Body Of My Own are good too. I don't care for Famous and Die Tonight is just faceless shit. Breaking Up and Gold Coins are still pretty damn great. Break The Rules is still a mixed bag and London Queen isn't terrible anymore. It's rather cute I guess.

    Overall it's no True Romance. Doesn't sound anything like it, and unfortunately it's also just not as strong either. We'll see how Sucker holds up over time. Still enough strong tracks here to keep my attention for now.
  5. The nice thing about the album is that, as mediocre as it is, it doesn't really shake my faith in Charli as a pop star. Something better will be along soon enough, I hope.
  6. I'm ready not to hate it. Whatever happens, she can always thank Lana for already owning the sophomore slump of the century award.
  7. Edu


    The "fuck you, suckaaaah" gives me "franchesckaah" teas.
  8. It's nowhere near True Romance, but that is nowhere near the point. Sucker doesn't even aim to be the successor to that album, even if it is by fault. I feel like both albums don't even exist in the same world -- 2013 feels so far away from here.

    This is an album by a different Charli. A Charli under a different Tumblr username with a new blog aesthetic, only to be changed yet again next year.

    That being said, 'Sucker' needs a video. That song is begging for Charli's star power to shine through on screen.
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  9. I gave in and listened to a crappy 160kbps rip of the stream. The album is easily the worst of the year.

    Except it's brilliantly crafted, varied yet cohesive, hook after hook, properly punk-inspired (as opposed to your typical faux punk pop rock) and (GOD FORBID!) actually a lot of fun. Effortless fun. And with some room for experimentation. Basically, it's everything I wanted from Charli and more. I can't wait to listen to it in high quality. These are going to be my southern hemisphere summer anthems.
  10. If you´re keep saying/writing this maybe it becomes reality.
  11. Switched my avatar back in excitement.
  12. You better stan.
  13. This is better than I was anticipating. Doing It is probably my favorite.

    The first part became reality and the second one already was, so I'm 2 for 2. Opening my fortune telling shop next week.
  14. The title track does not disappoint. FUCK YOU, SUCKAWWW.
  15. Body Of My Own is another "y*s, charli, sl*y" moment.
  16. There is literally not a single dud on the album. Every track is essential. I love it when my 'faves' deliver.
  17. I know this is my album of the year, but I struggle to listen to the whole thing with the knowledge that every second I listen to any of the other tracks is a second I'm not spending on Need Your Love.
  18. Why is London Queen so awful though.
  19. If that's the worst track on the album, I'm going to explode with joy. I love 'London Queen'.
  20. "Body of My Own" is stellar. It reminds of Remain in Light.
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