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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. The singles run has actually been pretty stellar. Boom Clap - Break The Rules - Doing It - Famous - Need Ur Luv is a great listen.
  2. FINALLY a great choice by her label. The best song of the album. This song should have been released back when she was at Letterman's already.
  3. Perfect for Summer (so hurry up).
  4. Justice for 'Caught in the Middle'
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  5. I've been listening to the SOPHIE tracks a lot, and even though they're low quality, you can tell that Throw It Up is a masterpiece. Those vocals on the verses. I will never let it go if it doesn't get released.
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  6. I stopped listening to the SOPHIE track as soon as I begun to be able to sing along to them. I'm terrified of demoitis - even more so after LIZ mentioned that the guy usually plays pitched up and sped up versions of his tracks during his live shows.
  7. I need an album of these Charli Sophie jams. Just give me a nice 10 track masterpiece.

    Although she should really do a 12 track album half produced by Sophie, half produced by Rostam.
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  8. Girls' Night Out sounds incredible. I'm beginning to think SOPHIE and Charli are musical soulmates - their respective sensibilities complement one another so well.
  9. Let's Ride is motor oil for my pussy.

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  10. Let's Ride is basically what Pretty Girls should've been.
  11. FUUUUUU I cannot wait to listen to this when I get home, I have her concert in two weeks!
  12. That's so fucking good. I need more of that.
  13. This could be massive.
  14. Holy shit.
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  15. Girl's Night Out is great. I CANNOT wait for the SOPHIE tracks any longer, I demand an EP.
  16. That last bit of Vroom Vroom starting at 2:54 is one of the best things I've heard all year.
  17. She needs to put out a mini album now.
  18. It's like Twigs but funnier.
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  19. Oh my god. This song sounds immense. The production at certain parts reminds me so much of EdBanger-Records and thats a good thing!

    Yeah, she should totally release a PC-Music Ep. Like now.
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