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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  2. Vocal melodies sound solid, which is typical for Charli but the "music" sounds terrible.

    I'll wait to hear the actual song/production but I hope these new songs veer away from this PC music sound.
  3. Suddenly I desperately want her to cover "Lip Gloss" before she exits her 90s teen horror movie phase.
  4. I assume you don't mean Lil' Mama's forgotten classic?

    Noonie Bao is back on board:
  5. I never forgot Lil Mama.
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  6. I've been listening to the live version of Let's Ride/Vroom Vroom constantly for the past couple of days.
  7. I love what we've heard of Vroom Vroom, Girls' Night Out and Throw It Up, but Make It Right is the one I'm looking forward to the most.
  8. Why is that troll not releasing those AMAZING SOPHIE tracks? They can't get any more amazing?
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  9. I get such an Alice Deejay vibe from the chorus, or is it the drop, oh fuck it the sung part of Throw It Up. I've been perched for these songs since the SXSW clips eked out and I'll remain perched until they finally get released in 2029.

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  10. Vroom Vroom sounds so amazing.

    Is the entire 3rd album going to be produced by SOPHIE? Or is it just a bunch of collabs and her album material is yet to come?
  11. Charli posted on Instagram that the stuff she's been working on with SOPHIE is for her next album. Apparently, she's also worked on some stuff with A. G. Cook. There aren't any other collaborators confirmed for Charli's next album. She was in the talks of working on something with Hannah Diamond, but for her project, not Charli's. She also recently(-ish) co-wrote some stuff with LIZ, she worked on something with MNDR and one of the HAIM sisters, did some writing with Dr. Luke that hasn't surfaced yet (which was rumoured to be for Rihanna at some point) and then there's the Benny Blanco + Ryn Weaver + Charli stuff that was meant for Gwen's forever delayed album.
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  12. I love how she's waiting till the tracks sound completely old.
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  13. Sam


    I heard one of these by accident the other day.

    PC Music is trash.
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  14. Everything about this sounds perfect. Literally everything.
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  15. I need Girls Night Out in full and like, right now. I need the whole album in my life.
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  16. I'm cool with the PC Music direction but I hope she doesn't wait too long to release it.
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  17. Agreed. "Girls Night Out" sounds so fresh & current, but if Miley is actually hopping on the PC Music train as well, others are sure to follow, and this could all sound severely dated by New Years.
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Uffie, ha true impact.

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  19. Seriously, it's getting to Elvenpath-waiting-for-new-Kylie levels of excitement for me. I NEEEEEEEEEED IT.
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  20. Fingers crossed this means the next album is due for release by the end of the year.
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