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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. PC Music needs to stop.

    "When I Rule the World" is that bop though. But that's it.
  2. PC Music is an acquired taste. I didn't like it at first either, but it eventually clicked with me - I think more pop stars working with SOPHIE and A. G. Cook will allow their sound to get more and more refined too. Bitch I'm Madonna, what we've heard of the Charli tracks, and When I Rule The World are a good start.

    I'm really interested to see what SOPHIE's work with Miley is going to sound like.
  3. I can't get on board with PC Music on its own, but I'm enjoying their pop transition as they work with other artists. "When I Rule The World" is one of my favorite songs this year, and I haven't gotten that "Girls Night Out" clip out of my head since it leaked.

    I think it's safe to say the "Sucker" era is now ending. Think Charli wants nothing more than to hole up in a studio and start working on what's next.
  4. You mean Vroom Vroom.
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  5. This is another reason she and SOPHIE need to put these out ASAP!
  6. I need Vroom Vroom/Let’s Ride immediately.
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  7. Finally after two years I really love True Romance now. It just clicked with me a couple of weeks ago.
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  8. I hope this will be on her third album.

  9. That song is great! I'm sure Charli's got thousands of worthwhile unleaked tracks. If only she was more of a Lana or Kesha...
  10. Careless with passwords?
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  11. "palemoonlightdress17" "cockpop69"

    I seriously want this by the end of the year. Canceling a tour to get your album together, riiiiight?
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  12. punkalbumxcx
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  13. Since she's working with PC Music, I want her to call her album "Pop Star".
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  14. I don’t care what she calls it, I want it before 2016.
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  15. With how badly Sucker sold vs her multiple promo opportunities I have a feeling this album will come late.
  16. According to her most recent Facebook post, that might actually happen:

    I feel like the image she posted with it is also foreshadowing...
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  17. More glitter is exactly what I want.
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  18. Remember when Lorde said she wasn't into Charli's music because it was "too glittery"? And that was True Romance era.

    I can forgive, but I will never forget.
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    I just need Girls Night Out as the first single and I'll be satisfied.
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