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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Sucker had its gems (Famous actually clicked with me today) but god was it a far cry from True Romance. I need more apocalyptic Stay Away's and I hate boyz songs like You (Ha Ha Ha) with a smattering of vulnerability like Need Ur Love. Charli as a new age dystopian heroine would be ideal.
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  2. Famous though.
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  3. This is so sad.
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  5. Loving Charli's new single 'Same Old Love'
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  7. She needs to leak Mow The Lawn.
  8. That's a shame, I was mad annoyed at her cancelling the Orlando show but if that's the case then I'm happy she's taking time off.
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  9. 'Sucker' as an album has grown on me immensely since it first came out. I now really appreciate it. Also, I watched her Glastonbury set the other day and she was pretty fantastic.
  10. A Sky-Ferreira-at-Webster-Hall tea.
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  11. She claimed she was crying because she had vocal problems that night -- which really weren't that noticeable. I think she was just deeply unhappy. It made for an awkward show, so I wasn't surprised when the tour got cancelled.
  12. Wow, you can really hear her on the Selena Gomez track. It’s up there with J-Lo’s Play.
  13. When would be an appropriate time for a third album thread?
  14. After an announcement of an album or single?

  15. Maybe she learned Rihanna gave Same Old Love to Selena that night.
  16. Hm, I just assumed since she's almost finished and we have certain titles that it would be worth creating. I guess we can wait!
  17. Damn this song is too good lol. It's gonna be the new Barbie Girl and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The funniest song ever to listen as a guy haha.

    Can it be released ANY SOONER???
  18. Charli has changed both her FB profile and cover photo. It seems like the SUCKER era is officially over!

    Does it mean that there will be no "Need Ur Luv"? That's sad. But I'm waiting for her new stuff which is gonna be EPIC.
  19. I'm OBSESSED with the cover photo! She looks fantastic and it looks like it'll be perfectly in line with the PC Music style and feel.

    She probably had a change of heart in the decision for Need Ur Luv which is sad but we'd receive a lower budget music video, probably no performances, a lack of airplay and not a single dent on the charts. It's better off this way for now.

  20. Well this is just gorgeous.
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