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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Sucker -- with the European bonus tracks and free of nonsensical censoring -- is a fantastic pop album. Charli has yet to disappoint me.
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  2. I refuse to see Sucker as a flop because I don't think there's a realistic world where Charli could sell a lot of albums, even if she produced generic mass market bangers.
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  3. I'm always a little surprised to see Cashmere Cat and StarGate in the credits for 'Break the Rules'. Doesn't sound like anything either of them would produce.

    And yes, it's still a great bop.
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  4. Sucker is still one of my favorite major pop albums from last year, naturally. She's my girl.

    I need this new album this year.
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  5. I want her entire album to be PC.
  6. Too much Sucker praise on one page.

    Can I rain on the parade, please?
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  7. Her new stuff sounds so electronical that I doubt she'll need a band. There was a goodbye pic with her band members and I think it wasn't just for hiatus.

    I think she'll stick with some synth guys.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Is Hannah Diamond featured on a Charli song or is Charli featured on a Hannah Diamond song? Hannah's album better be out by the end of the year so I hear a possible Charli Diamond collab.
  10. I'm ready for Charli to slay everyone here with the new album.

    And maybe @Island I know I'm perched for it.
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  11. For the time being, they've only collaborated visually, not musically.
  12. Is it just me or does anybody else also think that during her True Romance era she looked so free, although she has said how she was nervous and forced and couldn't be herself and blah blah? I watch her old lives and see a happy girl who is just enjoying the music she has made and is not trying so hard to be someone. No "selling out", no "she's a flop", no "she's trying too hard" or "failing in charts". She's just free, a little underground artist with her own vision of music.

    I am sure one day she'll say how tough the Sucker era was for her. We all know she wanted to make a punk record, so doesn't have to be a genius to understand this pink pop album was all forced by her label.

    I hope the PC music era will help her stay true to herself again. It sounds like that's what she wants to do right now. I only hope it won't take 5 years for her label to release it.
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  13. She looked free and happy because she was tipped for big things and was still enjoying the early days of her burgeoning career. But True Romance barely sold anything. Sucker was an album released in the aftermath of I Don't Care. And it barely sold anything. I love Sucker, it's the perfect pop statement from an artist who has unfairly been consigned to 'blogger popstar' (I feel) because of True Romance. She should be massive. I hope there's time for her to become the biggest thing in Britain...alongside Ronika.
  14. You're such a laugh. I love you.
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  15. Well I can hope, can't I?
  16. Sucker didn’t stand up well to True Romance for me, I’ve taken roughly half the album but I loved everything on her debut.
  17. The best thing about the Sucker era was this:

    And Sucker was really released more in the aftermath of Boom Clap and Fancy than I Don't Care.
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  18. love this performance, she sounded so good !
  19. I suppose. Let's rephrase it then: Boom Clap was a hit song just like I Don't Care. And Sucker still sold a paltry amount. Sadly.
  20. I think that the reason Sucker ''flopped'' so hard was due to poor management choices, they released the album in December and not in October which killed the momentum, and even if it's understandable that they thought that BTR would have been a hit for sure they should have released another single as quick as possible(Doing It was the perfect choice and also Famous, well with a decent video of course), and even if I liked so much the aesthetic and visual of this era, the music was not that good (Die Tonight is horrible) and she didn't look pretentious or try-hard during the True Romance era, but there was something off about herin this one... but those are just my impressions.

    I am so excited to hear the new PC Music stuff, I tried so hard to like Sucker but in the end I feel it was really a disappointing album, but I know she has it and she will make a wonderful album (can you imagine if she made PC music mainstream? that would be a dream)
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