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Charli XCX - Sucker (2nd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Taylor's bringing Charli out tonight.
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  2. Boom Clap, I'm guessing? I'm glad she has a hit like that that she can pull out whenever.
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  3. #promo
  4. I thought she said no more performing til the new album?
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This feels like shade........
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  6. Firstly who would turn down an opportunity to be on stage with Taylor (promo wise) plus I imagine Taylor asked personally. Secondly I doubt her management gave her a choice.
  7. Well she sad she was done with touring, it's not like going up for a night on stage with taylor and singing a song or two will hurt her creativity or be emotionally tiring.
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  8. i'm a little bit pissed off she canceled her tour. she was coming to spain for two shows in november so now it's not happening... i doubt she'll come with her next record.
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  9. Really glad she's performing with Taylor, good for her to keep her name out there.
  10. Make that money.
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  11. So can we all agree that Need Ur Luv is the best song on the album?
  12. Duh, along with Famous and Doing It rounding the Top 3.
  13. 'Doing It (feat. Rita Ora)' is the only song I've really taken from this project, at all. There's a couple of other songs that certainly bolster up the quality of the record, through each laborious playthrough, but it's the only track I love enough to separate from the persona and sound of this era. I'm interested to see where she goes next but I just find the affair a complete misstep, looking back.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    When you're dancing at your favorite bar and then Doing It AND Do It Again play back-to-back? Yessssssss. Doing It is so, so brilliant.
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  15. I like how Rita Ora made Doing It even better. Yas, prove ya worth, queen.
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  16. First time for everything.
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  17. That's a bit rude.
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  18. Ha, sorry, I'm not a fan.
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  19. I respect our different opinions.
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