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Charli XCX -Taxi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. RJF


    It's not very often you discover a popstar when she's three feet away from you, straddling a speaker and voraciously humping said speaker, but that is exactly the story behind my discovery of Charli XCX. I went to see The Whip on Friday night (They were amazing.), and they were being supported by this girl. She was so ferocious on stage that there was actually a gap between the stage and the audience! Amazing.

    Energetic, great stage presence, lovely voice and most of all, brilliant tracks. They're all mostly rather dark electro-pop, with most veering into the more aggressive electronic side of things, and vocally she's the lovechild of Marina and Karen O.

    The current single seems to be "Stay Away", which is out on iTunes now. There's also a cover of Athlete's "Wires" on her YouTube channel. She also did a song with Alex Metric called "End Of The World".

    Her album seems to be listed for a November release. I can't wait!

    EDIT: Just realised I was searching for a thread with an e at the end of her name, and thus I didn't find the existing thread. Sorry, mods!
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    Yass @RJF you better stan
  3. Yas, now let's about "Taxi," y'all.
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  5. Omg
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  6. This poetry in the first post, I live!
  7. Um what happened
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  8. Eight years, three albums, three mixtapes and an EP.
  9. @RJF being the original PJ angel is the gag of the season.
  10. Current day @RJF talking about 2011 @RJF:
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  12. It'd be such a kii if this turned into the Charli General Discussion thread.
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  14. I shouldn't be screaming this loud in my office on a quiet Friday afternoon, but THE THREAD TITLE.
  15. Honestly pop justice. PIN IT!
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  16. We're home, gherls.
  17. The date! Not Rashida being that far ahead of the curve.
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  18. Why does this title give me potential future evil energies dddd
  19. The space missing after the dash if giving me Charlie XCX teas. A full circle moment.
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