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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.


  2. [​IMG]

    Charli XCX - Valentine

    Average: 6.642
    Highest scores: @Andy French @Petty Mayonnaise @ohnostalgia @Remorque 10
    Lowest scores: @DJHazey 2 @theelusivechanteuse 2.5 @tylerc904 @thefaceofyou 3

    I feel like this one is going hard for some. Although, I'm not certain I'm surprised to see this fall so soon, we are getting into the mid 60's already. With 3 albums of heavy hitting material, that doesn't leave much room for the extras. That being said, I think a lot of older Charli fans have a soft spot for this, it was a free download she posted on valentine's day 2012.

    A snippet of a dumb Stereogum article from that release:
    "It would be pretty cool if she did this for every holiday. I’d be curious to hear what she’d come up with for Presidents’ Day."

    Har har.
    Although, if you do this make it PC music 'faceshopping' variety of bonkers and slap some presidential fashion on it!

    You all had some opinions on this of course, let's start with those who would be sad to see this go; ohnostalgia remembers "This was maybe one of the first five Charli tracks I heard? She sounds fab and I love shouting “I WAS TOLD THAT YOU LIKED ME, I WAS TOLD THAT YOU LIKED ME, BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT” to my empty living room. " Awe, memories! It was one of the first few for me as well. Constantino also strolls down memory lane "WHEW I haven’t heard this in YEARS. I remember youtube converting this bop along with some unreleased Marina, Lana and early Grimes and getting my damn LIFE on the way to and from school. 9 purely for nostalgia, because it’s kinda shoddy in hindsight, but that’s also part of the charm." Remyky22 admits to hearing it here first; "One of the biggest discoveries of this rate for me, never heard this before and it's so amazing!"

    Mirwais Ahmadzaï also remembers, but sometimes things are better left in the past; "I lived for this when she dropped it, but in retrospect it sounds a bit of a mess." Cutlery isn't feeling her diary entries, but remains intrigued "Lyrics sound like a 15-year-old mess, and the instrumental is kinda wack, like it's obvious it was made in the B.P.C.M. (before PC Music) era. However the naivete kind of pulls me in so I'm bumping my score a bit" superultra simply says "Cute."

    It is cute.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Was I really the only person to give Cloud Aura a zero? You all are a mess.
  5. I hope you're being serious. I know there are some Charli fans who like to use it as a punch line when reference their adoration of N1A and Pop2 but it is a beautiful pop song.
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    I'd love for it to do well! 10 would be a lot for it.
  8. Boom Clap is absolutely one of her best songs but the PC music hivemind will tank it.

    Why is this rate so stressful already?
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  10. Boom Clap definitely deserves top 25 at the very least.
  11. I’m one of this board’s biggest PC Music defenders but Boom Clap got a 10 from me, as I recall, so I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.
  12. There are far worse songs on Sucker / in the Extras section than some of the recently departed tracks.

    I didn't know the Wolf Alice remix was so widely loathed. Oop......
  13. This is going horribly all of a sudden dddd. I clearly should've fully tanked Sucker, but even so I am shook that all my 0s are still here while legitimate highlights of her discography like Glow and Valentine get cut.

    Get Break The Rules and Fancy the fuck out of here.
  14. Damn, if y'all don't like Super Ultra, then I wonder how y'all feel about the Heartbreaks & Earthquakes tracks (that didn't end up on True Romance, ddd).
  15. WELP that didn't last long...

  16. Honestly, Velvet Dreaming being gone before FANCY and I Love It is a fucking hate crime. I’m actually legitimately annoyed and starting to think I overscored them both.
  17. never underestimate the single effect

  18. Ugh, I'm looking at my scores and wishing I'd rated Velvet Dreaming and Valentine higher (not that I tanked them obviously). I was trying to be more critical, and then I got to Sucker and tried to be less critical. By the time I got to the extras my low scores weren't even that low.

    Ok but let remind myself I'm only one in 60 voters. This is like when I forgot to do an absentee ballot in 2012 and became convinced Romney would win by one single vote.
  19. I wish I gave "Break the Rules" a 0
  20. I would have given Valentine an 8 if I hadn't been a lazy dumdum and did the rate. Shame.
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