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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. ...same.
  2. And you gave Cloud Aura a 10. I see you coming for the Questionable Music Choices Crown that @sexercise usually holds.
  3. Not even into the top 50 and the Sucker thinkpieces have already started rolling in
    This rate only keeps on getting better
  4. Boom Clap is super cute in a wedding first dance kinda way.
  5. I didn't do this before voting closed... Go SUCKER.

    Super Ultra - 5.6
    True Romance - 8.2
    Sucker - 8.6
    Vroom Vroom - 7.3
    Number 1 Angel - 8.3
    Pop 2 - 7.4
    Extras - 7.5
    XCX World - 7.8
  6. @digitalkaiser
  7. Mess
  8. Good morning all, thanks for tuning in for my opening weekend extravaganza!
    I was going to post a few more eliminations yesterday but realized I should....probably shovel myself out of the house and actually get some stuff done before I had to go back to work dddd.

    Eliminations will continue at a pretty quick pace through the first week as we get through some of the less iconic eliminations and then we will begin tapering off to a more manageable amount. Hopefully everything is going okay and the pace has been good.

    See you later today for some more cuts!
    Continue to fight and be uncomfortable!

  9. PopJustice's motto.
  10. On that note, as a fan of Sucker (yes there are a few of us) I'm pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't have the super early cull I was expecting... so to everyone calling for the Sucker cull to begin... stay pressed! XOXO

  11. I don't know how "Break the Rules" and "I Love It" are even having their names uttered yet.
  12. To be fair only a couple of weak Sucker tracks remain imo
  13. Yeah Break the Rules or Caught in the Middle can get outta here.
  14. Agreed
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  15. cleosnatchra - JUSTIN… JUSTIN…. MISS VAANGIE…. JUSTIN…. JUSTIN… WAIT THIS IS AMAZING. The Justin breakdown won this at least 2 extra points.



    Charli XCX - Dance 4 U

    Average: 6.679
    Highest scores: @superultra @AshleyKerwin @Blob 10
    Lowest scores: @DJHazey 1 @collxtion 2.5 @ohnostalgia @Aester 3

    Welp. We are left with only 1 remaining superultra track going into the lower 60s!

    Leave it to Charli to stan acts before it was even relevant to do so, even if it's just a wee bit creepy. Here we have an...ode to Justin Bieber, parked right in the middle of the mixtape. Once again, we have a cute track that just doesn't quite go off like the rest of Charli's material, and it shows in the scoring. I personally find 'Velvet Dreaming (LUV)' and 'Heatwave' to be more compelling, but ya'll got your life anyway. superultra agrees with my sentiment; " I’m screaming that Justin Bieber of all people was the inspiration for this track, but That’s_So_Charli.png. She really delivered a slinky, alt-R&B, striptease bop, though." Charli can't believe she just did that! She's so random!

    Some more of you had some things to say about the Biebs, A$AP Robbie adds; "The Biebs hook sounds cute, but she is obviously too good for him now." Tea, although if given the opportunity I could see her jumping at the chance to collaborate with him these days, she's just that kind of girl. Mirwais Ahmadzaï is tickled pink by the song regardless "I forgot about the Bieber intro dddd. The chorus is great in its simplicity." Cutlery brings up another artist (or two) again; "This reminds me of fellow Marina rival, Ellie,’s Only You with those chipmunk vocals, and it's overall that lap dance bop. On second thought, is she singing “Justin Bieber”? Choices." and ohnostalgia continues to ask the tough questions; "Is she singing... Bieber?" Maybe.

    Jwentz needs an expert to tell him what's up; "Could we call this proto pc music? @Andy French please advise!"

    Andy French responds: "It’s produced amazingly but the subject matter didn’t age particularly well, did it?"
    You heard it here first jwentz! I personally think it's a good precursor to PC music in general, and evilsin agrees; "What kind of meta? After listening to this after Charles' work with PC Music I can see why she stuck with them." Indeed! We now know how much of a cool fit the sound is.

    A few of you hadn't heard the mixtape before this, and brought up some interesting references! Remorque explains "Wait. This was inspired by Rose McGowan's pole-dancing scene from Planet Terror? This just earned itself a point more. I really enjoyed this song too and am loving the sound of Super Ultra so far." AshleyKerwin is living for the fantasy; "Romance for the Tumblr goth generation. Charli’s sample curating skills are iconic." and OspreyQueen stans "This entire mixtape besides Cloud Aura is new to me and this is my favourite discovery."

    constantino is fatigued at this point; "This is a cute cut...but the ideas kinda run out after two minutes, so it feels a lot more dragged-out than many of the other tracks on the tape." and Posh Spears is spooked by it all; "High key creepy as fuck but amazing nonetheless."

    Maybe it was just too ahead of it's time for some people?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  16. London Queen, So Over You, and Gold Coins can go from Sucker.
  17. There goes my favorite from Super Ultra. Bye Justin x

  18. [​IMG]

    Charli XCX - London Queen
    Average: 6.708
    Highest scores: @aniraz @nikkysan @Sanctuary 9
    Lowest scores: @OspreyQueen 1 @Number 2

    Poor London Queen, she just wasn't royal enough to gather any 10's at all, but that didn't stop you all from staying above the line of tanking her! I was CERTAIN that this would be one of the first two tracks from Sucker to go in this rate, with the way people talk about it you'd think it personally hurt them!

    AshleyKerwin conjures a narrative for the track; "This sounds like it would be in the trailer of a direct to iTunes indie movie about a girl and her brother who try to have a road trip to see a Go-Go’s cover band concert!"

    It certainly does create a mood, I always thought that this track was a great homage to the early punk music in Europe, obviously lacking the authenticity and message of the era but cute none the less! I've never really found out of line with the general sound, despite to childish lyrics and poppy production. Charli found her lane and interpreted an established sound to the best of her ability, and I personally think it's a cool little experiment. A lot of Sucker is an exercise in this process, and I think people take the influences far to seriously sometimes. Mirwais Ahmadzaï agrees with me; "Yas, give me that power pop bop! I think Sucker shines the most when she's serving Charli Ramone." ohnostalgia references another artist as well; " Is this supposed to be her On The Road?" Who knows! I truly think she's just having fun here.

    There were some more of you who really enjoyed the vibe of this track, evilsin writes; "A straight to a face pop/rock moment. Like the energy here." and constantino feels pride "This song is low-key terrible and one of her very worst but the lyrics resonate with *this* London Queen so I shan’t be too harsh." Cutlery is a fan of the music but isn't sure about that ....chorus. "The verses are great and the production makes this overall a bop, but God is that chorus unbearable!"

    Some of you just full on love the track, I'm more in this camp, I feel as if it works well contextually with the 'theme' of the album. Posh Spears agrees and is personally the reason this track got as far as it did "Okay this song is high-key messy but my internalized Sucker stan has to give it a weighted score to balance out the haters. I mean, in context of the album it works quite well, no?" Ebonyyes.jpeg Superultra feels it's a breath of fresh air; "
    This song is so cute and sunny and fun to sing along to. The drums are so punchy and the guitars are really dope. It’s cute and I can’t complain about it." Animalia can't explain why her wig is flying "THIS SHOULDN'T WORK BUT IT JUST DOES OKAY" and sexercise has had a change of heart "I used to hate this soooo much but oh wow what a BOP."

    For some of you, this was and always will fall flat, cleosnatchra is personally offended; "Nooooo. AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN WRITE IT. The syllable emphasis on “USA” is pretty unforgivable. No, YOU, s-a." Okay, but let her and her shoddy pronunciation live! 'She doesn't even go here' teas. OspreyQueen feels it's just completely wrong in every way "Obnoxious nonsense that feels like a self-parody (and not even a good one)." How can it be self parody if its a parody of classic work? HmmmT. A$AP Robbie busts out his TI-84 "Its a bit calculated, but ok."

    Calculated? What do you mean?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  19. Nooooooo! Poor London Queen.
  20. I'm mad that London Queen is out when Sucker still has songs like Gold Coins, So Over You and Caught in the Middle left.
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