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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Lock You Up is such a beautiful song, through and through.
  2. We’re getting to the point where every song left is at least a 9 (except Doing It), it’s tough seeing these songs go.
  3. The absolute fucking disaster of Boys beating Set Me Free and Black Roses, but especially Set Me Free.
  4. I agree that Black Roses should still be in as that song is fucking fantastic.

    But another non-10 leaving in the form of Lock You Up? Yath.
  5. Wait a minute, have you been hinting all along that Superlove has won or that you awarded it your 11 @digitalkaiser?
  6. I’m starting to dare to dream of a Superlove win
  7. While it's fun for me to see people speculate, I'll throw a bone and say I did not award any song in that graphic my 11 nor is it a hint to any particular positions, but they are favorites of mine! Good catch!

  8. Also, a mood

    Charli XCX - Taylor Swift Reputation Tour opening night 2018

  9. Girls, Angels, Forrem dwellers, please prepare yourself for today's eliminations and MESS.

    The upcoming tie received five 11s between the both of them and it is honestly getting harder and harder for me to eliminate these tracks. A certain....subset of you are going to hate me in the coming days. Don't kill the messager, kill each other. Please chat until the next page.

    okay thank you​
  10. It's going to be my fucking 11, isn't it?

  11. PerchT to see a small N1A cull
  12. Oh my god, I feel like it's the round my 11 doesn't survive.
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  13. Iconic

  14. These are so painful dear god.


    Also, ya boy ran out of time last night to upload placement graphics before work today.
    [pretends to be shocked]


    Charli XCX - Stay Away
    Average: 8.415
    SUPERULTRA: @Hurricane Drunk 11
    Highest scores: @Blob @superultra @Island @cleosnatchra @Jwentz @klow @Posh Spears @AshleyKerwin @Andy French @RUNAWAY @evilsin @Aester @tylerc904 @Untouchable Ace @Fantasy 10 @thefaceofyou @blissteria 9.5
    Lowest scores: @Alouder98 4 @ohnostalgia 5.5 @collxtion @GimmeWork @dancingwithmyself @Sanctuary @DJHazey 6

    Oh dear. The True Romance mass cull continues with not 1...but 2 more tracks. Ya'll rated this whole album JUST high enough, but almost all did the same thing and didn't award higher we have the situation we are in now where the True Romance tracks find themselves all in a big, clean batch to be discarded. I'm kind of shook. This and the following track just couldn't cut it to make it into the top ten, despite the next track gathering 4 10s and general vocal praises and adoration from many around here. I guess it just wasn't in the cards, our voters had some strong opinions for these tracks and put their scores were their mouths are. PHEW.

    Stay Away was one of the first tracks I ever heard from Charli XCX, right after Nuclear Seasons. It follows the same formula, industrial tumblr goth, but manages to not make quite as big of an impression as the mentioned track on me. I gave both this track and the next one a 9, which I think is pretty fair for my enjoyment of both! I think the lyrics in this are incredible, and some of the vocal effects in this song really take my breath away. To be quite honest, if there was any track I would skip on True Romance in 2018, this would be one of them. After all the years of listening to the album, this track is just a wee bit to heavy for me at times, and why I appreciate the lighter/party centric directions Charli has taken with her recent music. Even still, it's really part of the origins of Charli XCX, and I can see why so many people adore it.

    Let's start with a request that I just....couldn't bring myself to do. Integrity and all that! Posh Spears begs "@digitalkaiser please rig the results if this isn’t comfortably ranked in the top 10. One of the most essential Charli XCX songs."


    Moving on! Some of you almost gave this your 11, and...maybe you should have. kii. Superultra writes; "This could have easily snatched an 11, not gonna lie. Her lyricism in this is lowkey unparalleled. It’s so dark and pleading and heartwrenching. That “I knew you were no angel, but—GOD—you’re just electric blueee” part gets me every time." and cleosnatchra echos the sentiments "A contender for my 11. Just a really well crafted song, and really well executed." with jwentz adding "A Mood."

    Songwriting is huge for a lot of you, and compared to the admittedly simple lyrics of recent Charli XCX tracks, this stands out. Andy French is impressed "Still some of my favorite songwriting she’s ever done." and RUNAWAY is living for the lyrics "Ever since I first heard this song, I was a fan. LICKING UP THE BLOOD YEAH I MADE THIS DECISION. I love that line so much." Cutlery is a fan of dramatics "We love a dramatic song about growing attached to someone and then getting yourself hurt. The production feels kinda “moodier” or “darker” than previous tracks, of which I'm fond of." and some say evilsin is still hearing echoes to this day "Wow, way to translate a feeling into a song. So poignant and... correct. The hushed repeated stay away, stay away, stay away always linger with me after listening to this." with Untouchable Ace adding some grand praise "She got it so right with this album."

    I see we have some spooky tumblr bussies in the house, I'm sure you all are sad to see this go. Constantino sighs and applies his guyliner "This is just a moody teenager anthem and I live for it. I never really had an emo phase but this song makes me feel like I did. What a chorus." with AshleyKerwin adding "A perfect slice of emo teen angst." and poor Mirwais Ahmadzaï will be frozen after today's eliminations "I’ve always loved the icy melancholy of this song."

    Memories of this song's release are still fresh in your minds, Tylerc904 gives us an anecdote; "Ah, my first Charli track. Downloaded it on the back of literally nothing but her resembling Sky Ferreira on the single cover (ddddd). I hadn’t even seen her mentioned on PJ at that point, just grabbed the single on a whim. So glad I did." and Remorque is right there with him "I've always kinda liked this one, but never really got into it after that initial first buzz... She sounds great and I love the grungy synths here." and Animalia isn't as impressed by the glowing reception "Everyone always raved about this being the best song on the album when it came but I've kinda always thought it was just Very Good, I dunno."
    Let's leave with ohnostalgia, who is reclaiming her time "I honestly felt this was ten minutes long."

    You had a good run Stay Away!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. [​IMG]

    Charli XCX - Grins
    Average: 8.415
    SUPERULTRA: @Blob @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @theelusivechanteuse @HeartSwells 11
    Highest scores: @superultra @Island @cleosnatchra @Jwentz @klow @thefaceofyou @Remyky22 @nikkysan @sexercise @constantino @Cutlery @Petty Mayonnaise @A$AP Robbie @Daniel! @Animalia 10 @Posh Spears @AshleyKerwin @Mushroom 9.5
    Lowest scores: @blissteria 4 @collxtion 4.5 @GimmeWork @myblood 5 @Alouder98 @junglefish @Kuhleezi 6

    'Doing it' is going to have the girls PRESSED, STRESSED, and DEPRESSED after this, huh? I am just as shocked as you are to see this here...I was dead certain this would be a shoe in for a top 10 placement, no problem. I'm even more shocked that Doing It, You (Ha Ha Ha) AND You're The One managed to BEAT THIS.

    Truly chilling.

    Grins is a fantastic moody centerpiece to True Romance, those beats just do something to me. I think the flow of Charlis vocals and the cascading beats are really best displayed with this song in particular. It blends the pop sensibilities of the more single ready tracks with the gothy industrial realness of the remaining. I really appreciate when the beat speeds up with her talk/singing before it explodes and evaporates into a cacophony of heavenly noise for the chorus. PHEW. In hindsight, I should have given this a 10 instead of a 9, but once again I wanted to be a fair and partial host, and I've been exercising my rate scoring to be more targeted and effective. Ah well, 18 isn't bad but I know a lot of you will have something to say.

    Let's get into the thick of it, four of you gave this an 11. Good job, continue stanning greatness and talent! Only one of you wrote about why, bad job, continue flopping! Poor Mirwais Ahmadzaï predicted his own cut today "Amazing, amazing, amazing. “Beaches and oceans for my baby.” The entire song is an ear worm. It’s always been my favorite on True Romance, and I’ve lived with it for so long that it’s probably my favorite Charli song."

    Sorry friend, lets hear from the almost 11...Remyky22 should have gone the extra mile "Almost my 11, how do you create something so hazy yet still euphoric, this should have been longer!"


    Let's cut to constantino who wrote us a thesis on the greatness of 'Grins' "This is just...godly. To this day, this remains one of the best-produced and impressive songs - the layers and the atmosphere make this such a moment, especially during the breakdown. I remember at the time of release she said that this was her favourite track on the album, and I hope that hasn’t changed now (even though she has trashed True Romance in recent interviews ddd)." Not anymore, sis loves True Romance again! Cutlery is also feeling things "Yet another emotional.mp3 masterpiece. It may be electropop, but it's also eclectic as heck and directed by Charli, her from-the-other-room background vocals and her voice describing images that perfectly connect with her insecurities, and what to say about the saddening synths paired with… bongos? The effect is massive." Animalia is so shook, he forgot how to sentence. "The pure RUSH of that pre-chorus/chorus/whatever-it-is-the-structure-of-this-song-is-indescribably-amazing though, whew. There was a long period of time where my friend & I would say (OH MY GOD) in Charles' voice all the time ddd."

    Vocals and lyrics are big for this one, but the production is nothing to shake a stick at! Evilsin writes; "Ooh, girl, when that beat goes in, make me feel things. And that laid back on the verge lazy delivery all throughout, love it." Superultra agrees "A morbid, depressive stomper of a song. “Feels like I’m falling through the CLOUUUUDS” remains a career highlight." I feel like Posh Spears has seen Charli live more than any of us, king. "The studio version doesn’t QUITE live up to the absolute epiphany that is the live performance, but wow, the lyrics really are incredible huh? I mean this song is literally an orgasm." Wow, that's some praise! Tylerc904 is on the fence "I love everything except for the awful wailing child vocals. Knocks this down a whole point."


    A$AP Robbie is happy Charli continues to champion this track "The thing I love most about Grins is how much Charli loves it, whenever you hear her talk about it, its total love." and Remorque brings up another indie queen and grows "This one took a while to grow on me, but it has since opened itself up. It this the most Grimes-like she's sounded for that whole first era?" ohnostalgia always has poetic things to say, so let's give her the final word.

    "Hazed static as the line goes dead. (She called collect)."

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member


    Still too soon
  17. Nooo! I knew it. I'm so hurt by both of these eliminations, ESPECIALLY my baby! But... I guess top 20 is a pretty good deal for this rate, especially with the amount of love given to her bodies of work. I mean, I even gave Doing It a 10 but I can't believe it's still here dd.
  18. I'm actually not salty at "Doing It" still being in the rate. It's one of my fave songs from Sucker, oops.

    I'm salty that of all songs from TR, "You (Ha Ha Ha)" is still in.
  19. The bit in the chorus of Stay Away where she backing vocals come in and harmonise with the repeating "stay away" lyrics night just be her best moment. You IDIOTS
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