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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. That's why I'm here mostly.
  2. ‘Boys’ should sort of be essential to rate, given the fact it’s the most impact she’s had in the past couple years, and should be moved to the extras section, no?
  3. There's also this but it doesn't really bother me if it isn't in the rate nn

  4. Shit I just noticed this was up now! Lemme get started right away! Might skip commentary since I'm awful at thinking of things to say, will probably just post my thoughts on each song as its eliminated.

    Also, Sucker isn't that bad ya'll, the title track is a contender for my 11.
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  5. I haven't ever participated in a rate before, what's the best format for submissions? How should a song/rating/commentary entry look?
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  6. You copy the PM list from the first post of the rate and add your score and commentary after every song and when you're done, you PM the host, in this case @digitalkaiser, your results.
  7. Ugh YES. So many 10's.
  8. I don't wanna go to school.


    I just wanna break my esophagus.


    The breakdown.

  9. Boys and After the Afterparty are required rating, even if aesthetically I put them in the hypothetical XCX world album.
    Just an artistic choice, I clarified in my into post, however I will also note it again in the list as well.
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  10. I will do the first round of tagging next week, as well as finally adding a bonus FAQ in the second post for fun this evening.

    Have you begun your scores yet?
    Here's Charli on rating her own discography:

  11. Me arriving 6 pages late to the party to see that have y'all have already used all the good gifs in my 'Charli' folder

  12. It's okay, we offer support and provide here in XCX world.

  13. Oh wait, let me find time to do this. I was one of the original Little XCXes.
  14. Yeah, the only thing I didn't get from the rules is... can you give an 11 to an album?
  15. What I want to know is are you sure @digitalkaiser that we can't use any decimals other than .5?
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  16. One 11 for a song as per usual, and generally rates only allow 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 ect scores to make it easier for me.

    Help me not fuck up hah
  17. Y'all are gonna do After the Afterparty SO wrong.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

  20. Vroom Vroom > Secret > Paradise > Trophy

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