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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. If I remember correctly it’s only because I gave Paradise like an 8. With only four songs I’m sure that was enough to knock me off.
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    in a


    when we

    pit STOP

    cosmic kisss


  3. I'm usually such a reasonable rater, I'm never in those top/bottom raters lists, but delighted to see myself at'd for True Romance, that album is everything.

    Whichever song wins, thanks for the rate @digitalkaiser its been so emotional
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I feel like Lipgloss is only here because of Cupkakke let’s be real.
  5. Guys, Lipgloss is quintessential Charli XCX. She wrote a hook over an already released instrumental (remember a lot of True Romance songs happened this way including "You" and "Grins") and invited an underrated talent to hop onto the song and let them shine (a main theme in both N1A and POP2).

    Maybe I'm biased because I've seen it performed live multiple times and it proved to be a moment, but even in studio form Lipgloss is an anthem and a megabop. Also, Charli's career is basically defined by kiis and messes, so concluding this rate by having a winning song where she's not even the most prominent artist wouldn't even be uncalled for nn.
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  6. I have a feeling "Lipgloss" will win, but if "Unlock It" takes it i'll be so happy.

  7. On the other hand I was mentioned in top or bottom scorers for every other era but, True Romance is my favourite of hers. She is so talented.
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  8. Alright, no more funny business!
    We're just going to bust this wide open, because I'm just about dead on the inside from this rate and we need to end this madness!

    The winner of Charli XCX World: The Charli XCX Discography Rate is......


    Charli XCX - Lipgloss
    (feat. cupcakKe)

    Average: 9.142
    SUPERULTRA: @dancingwithmyself 11
    Highest scores: @digitalkaiser @superultra @Cutlery @Sanctuary @Posh Spears @Petty Mayonnaise @Island @Remorque @HeartSwells @Kuhleezi @RUNAWAY @evilsin @Fantasy @Daniel! @blissteria @Alouder98 @thefaceofyou @Dijah. @nikkysan @ohnostalgia @junglefish @Riiiiiiiii @ThisIsRogue @BEST FICTION @collxtion @GimmeWork @aniraz @myblood @send photo @OspreyQueen 10 @Aester @Andy French @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @cleosnatchra 9.5
    Lowest scores: @DJHazey 3 @2014 4 @Hurricane Drunk 5.5 @Untouchable Ace 6.5 @AshleyKerwin 7

    And here we are, all sticky and icky.


    I really have nothing super substantial to add other then this Katya gif, which truly gets the job done. There's quite a bit artistically interesting about Lipgloss whether you have a problem with it utilizing a sample/beat or not. All the pieces here feel like they fit, and the masterful production takes everything to a whole other level. CupcakKe remains amazing, and was possibly the perfect fit for this song. Like I said in some expose before these posts, I really think 'the bops' won here. There is something to be said little commentary this particular track received, while Nuclear Season received multiple paragraphs. Other then, aurally going off...Lipgloss doesn't offer much for people to grab on too. Perhaps not yet, maybe we are still making memories with this music?

    Lyrics and flow by cupcakKe, tone and production are the selling points here, and I think we can agree that it does most of the talking. I'd say due to all this, and due to the scores that rallied behind Nuclear Seasons, we can kind of consider Nuclear Seasons the almost-official-but-not-really true winner of this rate, in my eyes. Pure scoring won out here, pure and simple, but in a funny way I absolutely have no issues with this winning the rate. It's a mess, but it's Charli, baby.

    Let's hear it for the girls! constantino sums up...maybe why this is such a great track to certain folks; "Perhaps my favourite part of this song, aside from the heavenly outro, is that it's essentially the by-production of crazy, silly gay twitter stans who instigated this collaboration with a few tweets to CupcakKe saying 'omg collab with Charli queen!'...and here we are, the first of two Charli/CupcakKe collaborations. Life is crazy xx" It sure comes at you fast, unlike the end of this rate. Cutlery would like to thank everyone who supported him during this difficult time; "I want to thank CupcakKe for inventing rap with this heaven-sent masterpiece that closes N1A on the highest note after such a bumpy road overall. Both women take the levels of raunchiness and boppableness to the max, making this the best-materialized collab of the album in my eyes." Miss Andy French has some stories "The only issue I’ve ever had with this song is that Charli feels like the feature instead of CupcakKe, but other than that it’s the definition of a banger. I heard it between acts at a local rock show (queen of heterosexuals) about a year ago and could barely stop myself from voraciously slamming my taint into the floor. #AnecdotalJustice"

    collxtion has a retail moment "It’s been said before, but Charli’s knack for pulling disparate collaborators into the fray and spinning gold with them is unparalleled. cupcakKe takes the lead here—raunch in full force—with Charli in lockstep right behind. Sticky-icky indeed. Needless to say I went out and bought three lipglosses immediately." superultra is gagged "Cupcakke’s verses on this are legendary. The synths are like lightning, the way the vocals layer on top of each other at the end gives me so much life, and then there’s the outro—LORDT. “It’s Charli, baby!!!” needs to be a moment on every song she ever releases." GimmeWork would be in agreement "The fact that it feels more like a Cupcakke song than a Charli song isn’t even a bad thing. This song justgoes off for me! IT’S CHARLI BABY!"

    CupcakKe's impact on this rate, I Got It 2018
    "Zero fucks, the amount (What?)
    Zero bucks in your account (You broke!)
    So many offers on the table (What?)
    A bitch gotta eat on the couch"

    I mean, PJ really loves cupcakKe. evilsin is wigless "Jesus fucking Christ, what a blast. The chewed synths, the cupcakKe verses, the outro! WOW. PC Music once again showed what the future of music sounds like." and Fantasy is addicted to the sweetness "Such an epic collab. Charli’s sugary hook combined with CupcakKe’s filthy verses is a match made in pop heaven." OspreyQueen think's its the perfect end cap. "I love how the most frenetic song on the album just suddenly drops without warning into that woozy outro. It’s a perfect end to a (basically) perfect album." Posh Spears gets really defensive "This song is literally a dream come true and anyone who scores it below a 10 is trash and needs to fuck off to Comeback Corner or something, teebs." Tea.

    Kii, some of you had issues with...vocals or lack thereof. Animalia feels pessimistic; "Even putting the gimmick (not a bad thing) of Cupcakke's verse to the side, this song pops the fuck off. It suffers from being an already-existing track they stuck lyrics on top of though, it's kinda obviously disjointed when you know that oop." sexercise won't be pleased with this win "Could use a little bit more Charli." on the other hand....ohnostalgia would like nothing of the sort. "When the amount of Charli vocals negatively correlates to a track’s overall quality.... *stares into the distance.* “Hey CupcakKe!l”

    Let's leave the closing comments to Mirwais Ahmadzaï "Madonna’s Candy Shop, Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit, Xtina’s WooHoo, Beyoncé’s Blow, every female artist ever found rotting."

    Lipgloss steals the crown, which means....

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. our number 2 is......


    Charli XCX - Unlock It
    (Feat. Jay Park & Kim Petras)

    Average: 9.123
    SUPERULTRA: @Mushroom 11
    Highest scores: @digitalkaiser @superultra @Cutlery @sexercise @Sanctuary @Animalia @klow @Posh Spears @Petty Mayonnaise @Remyky22 @Island @Remorque @HeartSwells @Kuhleezi @RUNAWAY @evilsin @Hurricane Drunk @Fantasy @Daniel! @blissteria @Alouder98 @Aester 10 @Andy French @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @theelusivechanteuse @thefaceofyou 9.5
    Lowest scores: @cleosnatchra @2014 @DJHazey 7 @OspreyQueen @MrMannacroix @tylerc904 7.5


    Ya'll did this! I don't have much to say about this one either, it doesn't evoke a very strong emotional response in me, but damn if I ain't slamming my taint into my desk chair while listening to this jam as we speak. I think everyone involved in this song is absolute fire, fuckery with Kim Petras aside, this truly does feel like brilliant lightening in a bottle.

    ....And the AMAZING MEMORABLE NEVER THE SAME lyrics really just hit this out of the park. Who even cares who's singing on this track, you can barely tell anyway! That's the glory of this, it's so frothy and delicious, it's almost sinfully mindless. Kim and Charli ride the glorious beat throughout the entire thing, with Jay park offering a chance for us to catch our breaths and collect our wigs. I would love more in the vein of this track on whatever Charli releases next, but I wouldn't be mad if there was a bit more of Charli's 'identity' in it. What I've realized through this rate is that we still don't know who Charli XCX is, she's carved out some great paths for her but she still has yet to wrap it up in a bow and serve. One could argue POP2/N1A are opus-like, but I really feel Charli personally has a lot more to show then what these bring, and they are but INCREDIBLE melting pots for an obscene amount of ideas. It's so cool!

    I have a really hard time sticking with things, or keeping myself focused, so I'm really glad we have artists like Charli XCX for me to 1. run the rate for and 2. provide me with twists, turns, drama and messery with amazing visuals and music to match so I don't lose interest. Unlock It cements that love, it's such a wonderful song.

    Let's talk about the brilliance of being unable to tell Kim and Charli apart! Mirwais Ahmadzaï questions everything "The twinkling/bubbling synths in the background are brilliant, and I love how it morphs when Jay Park comes in. I don’t even know what part of this song is Kim Petras ddd is she the one saying lock it?" constantino adds "Whew, we stan a fizzy, airy, ethereal bop! My keys have been found. Locksmiths around the world are shaking. The fact that I genuinely cannot tell which verse is sung by Kim is a bit of a kii, though." This is basically a solo song to Fantasy, honestly I agree "Featuring Kim on this was a great idea and her voice fits the song really well, to the point that I struggled to distinguish her part from Charli’s for the longest time ddd. Even Jay’s verse couldn’t stop me from giving this a 10. It’s an undeniable bop."

    Sanctuary things she knows "I’m gonna be the only one to say they like Jay Park’s verse." Oh? Well Fantasy just (sorta) proved you wrong and superultra will also (sorta) prove you wrong! "This song makes me think of Dance Dance Revolution and Sailor Moon. This song got me to stan for Kim Petras. The outro of this song sounds like another universe. Jay Park’s verse doesn’t even kill this song for me, ddd."

    Cutlery is obsessed "What can I not do about this career highlight other than showering it with all my love and praise? The opening verse is so sweet, and then it “builds up” to the fantastic, A.G. Cook sampling, repeated chorus we all stan. The second verse have a nice input from Petras and even Park’s verse fits in. The last minute and a half is just incredible and utterly fantastic… LO QUE LO QUE LO QUE LO QUE LO QUE LO QUE" and evilsin is feeling the magic "There is so much... magic in this track. The instrumental is out of this world and I adore it's tempo. Both timeless and futuristic." OspreyQueen is reminded of another PC music queen "It’s a bop, but every time I try to play it in my head I just end up at Fade Away by Hannah Diamond."

    Jwentz just has one thing to say;


    RIP POP2.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. More album wrap-ups on the way sporadically this weekend so keep an eye out and once I get my gif program in working order (which has been out of commission with my elimination graphic original template due to...some circumstances) I will update the posts missing elimination graphics just because I want it to be immortalized nicely. The album wrap-ups and final track placings will be added to the top page as well.

    I hope you all have enjoyed checking in on this, and I apologize for any messiness. My real life transition has been a tough time to do this, so I felt I've kept it a bit sparse. I'm sure I'll post some more detailed final thoughts when I'm not tired. (ddd I worked on this all day/yesterday she's beat)

    For now, I'm done. Gotta watch drag race before some internet gay spoils it for me~!


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  12. Me bopping to the amazing job @digitalkaiser did here.


    Thanks boo x
  13. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Very pleased with that winner. Lipgloss was my second choice for my 11, so great to see it didn't even need it.

    And thank you for hosting @digitalkaiser! This was such a fun rate.
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  14. Scream at "Lipgloss" winning but a 10/10 bop is a 10/10 bop so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Great job @digitalkaiser x

  15. K94


    That top 2 is a whole choice.
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  16. OF COURSE the Charles ex-cee-ex rate would end up with an accidental winner. Like, does anyone actually think that Lipgloss is the best song in Charli's discography?? It wasn't even the top Charli track in the Alt-pop girls rate for fuck's sake.

    I'm pressed.

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  17. No but you all decided to chuck Vroom Vroom out before the top 5.
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