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Charlie Puth - 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Bop.

    Judge me.
  2. His tone is still so nasally. That's about all I have to contribute.
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  3. This is... good? What's happening
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  4. Mmm, I was listening to his song The 90s on repeat today, I'll check it out.
  5. Bop! My favorite white twink delivers once again.
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  6. Damn, I really can't afford to stan another basic white guy.
  7. The Shawn Mendes single is also a bop so I'm willing to back you up this time.
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  8. Wow I love the new DNCE single!!!!

    It's not terrible so that's a start.
  9. occurred to me listening to this that I genuinely couldn't remember what his voice sounded like despite him being literally everywhere for like a year. Only the Vanilla Yoplait of pop.

    This isn't bad, but I can tell it's gonna be one of those songs I'll hate in about a month after radio has ceaselessly, constantly rammed it up the general public's collective rectum.
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  10. Finally someone names a song after my favorite thing in the world.
  11. Not all the boi hunties attaching us all at once. Hjalp
  12. I'm glad this & the new Shawn Mendes are doing nothing for me but giving me Sheeran-lite.
  13. It's decent, but I swear both the song itself and the circumstances of its release are pretty much a repeat of Olly Murs's Kiss Me.
  14. Kiss Me is actually amazing though.

    As for this song -- I don't mind it. I'm not familiar with his other stuff but I might play this a couple of times and then move on.
  15. I bopped to this earlier without realising who it was and... I'm still bopping now I know.
  16. Jesus this is too good for Puth.

    What a song.
  17. The production is actually him, wow. I like this.
  18. His weak falsetto gets a no from me. The song isn't that great.
  19. This is amazing.
  20. What world am I living in where Charlie Puth's lead single is better than Katy Perry's?
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