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Some couple on my IG feed are superfans of his and the cringe TikTok of them already sharing their album ranking when it JUST came out hours ago... worms on the brain.
Yeah, the art direction for this shoot just wasn't it. And some of the photos that they went with look like they should've been scrapped outtakes.

I liked these shots though.


Looking like a Disney channel star.

Loser music video:

Erm. The song is pleasant, if not exactly groundbreaking, and the video's... chaotic.

It's very much reminiscent of his general public presentation this era: flailing around, looking for some kind of purpose. There are a lot of funny bits, and he is very clearly an extremely charming man, but there's also no self-editing or cohesion or an overarching vision. It's like he has all this raw material (musical and songwriting talent, sense of humour, looks) but doesn't know what to do with them.

I think this is my early favourite.

As much as I would’ve liked him to progress from Voicenotes I’m actually enjoying this album.

It’s almost weirdly endearing hearing a 30 year old going through such a hurtful breakup and navigating it in such a messy way throughout the album. It just shows these things don’t have to happen at a young age and being older when it happens can make it more messy, lonely and self deprecating which a lot of these songs are dealing with but disguised in happy melodies and overly perfected vocals. I was expecting to be more dismissive of this album so it has surprised me in that sense.
Wow, colour me surprised because I gave this album a listen and it isn’t that bad! I’m not sure why he auto tuned himself so much. I swear he said in the Vogue thing he did almost a year ago that he was gonna sing this record in a lower register? Strange.

But yeah, it’s a decent album. Just hate the whole campaign behind it.
He got it so right with the likes of Loser and Light Switch. In terms of vocal production by the way. Then he went and decided to botch I Don't Think That I Like Her. Shame because I was really looking forward to that one.
Yeah, I can’t lie - I’m enjoying this a lot. It’s a flash in the pan with little staying power I imagine, I’m sure 2 weeks from now I’ll completely forget about it but I can’t deny I am bopping to pretty much all of it. Charlie Be Quiet, There’s A First Time, and Marks On My Neck are doing it for me.
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