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A Top 10 debut is quite impressive. Charlie Puth was a lot more relevant back in 2017 and Voicenotes did have benefit of featuring a hit as big as "Attention," which CHARLIE did not have.
he / him
Attention was a bit of a surprise hit at the time, wasn’t it?
Not really, I don't think. The final single from Nine Track Mind, "Dangerously," failed to chart, but prior to that, he smashed with "We Don't Talk Anymore" the year earlier.
It's a shame that the album rollout has been such a mess because it really is a strong collection of songs. Though I'd have liked to hear the rest of the 2019 album, songs like Light Switch and Loser wouldn't exist had they not been scrapped.

It's like Atlantic expected a Voicenotes/Attention-sized smash with no effort other than TikTok spamming, which rarely translates into big sales or streaming numbers.

Also, Charlie Puth is hot. Why they went with these photos and art design for the record when any of his Instagram thirst traps would've worked better – and frankly, probably gotten the gays on board – is baffling.

I hope this is a lesson learned.
This album is low key really quite good, huh?

Smells Like Me just hit me. Great song. Charlie Be Quiet! (is it becoming a hit?), Left and Right, Loser... lots to enjoy here. He has a great way around an effervescent pop melody.
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i’m enjoying the album a lot. he has a way with melodies. Maybe? it’s my age but i find it hard to warm to songs that average at 2:30 in length. Some of the songs on the album are good but don’t feel fleshed out enough. Underdeveloped. That combined with the vocal processing gives me myspace demo’s from
2007 vibes.

But i do like the album, i swear. haha
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