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Charlie Puth - Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Do we have evidence that he's not?
  2. If you scroll through his Likes tab on Twitter he’s liked a ton of tweets from and about Joe and Kamala, tweets congratulating their win, tweets about their COVID relief efforts and COVID precautions. So I’d say it’s fairly definitive.

    The way I’m such a whore for this man.

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  3. Voting for Joe/Kamala...doesn't excuse the plethora of issues with him as a person.
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  4. Please explain for us lazy ignorants (remix) out there.
  5. Charlie Puth being a Never-Trump Republican still makes him Republican scum!

    Ban this islamophobe from the forum!
  6. Didn't someone find that he liked a bunch of pro-Trump posts on his personal Facebook page?
  7. I just heard Girlfriend on the radio and...I like it.

    I swear I didn’t even know who was singing.
  8. The long gaps between singles is so strange considering how huge he was only a couple of years ago. He’s big on TikTok too but isn’t capitalizing off of that with new music.
  9. It's not too surprising, tbh. His last single to chart was "The Way I Am," which peaked at No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2018. And although "Attention" was kind of massive, each single from Voicenotes peaked lower and lower on the charts and none of the seven singles that he has released since then have done anything anywhere.
  10. Good.
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  11. At least his Stay/Harleys in Hawaii cheques will be coming in for months to come ddd.
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  12. I had no idea that he co-wrote and co-produced The Kid Laroi's "Stay." That cheque will definitely be able to fund another series of flop singles.
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  13. His new song Light Switch is coming soon.

    He's raking in cash from writing and producing for other artists, so whether his own music flops is inconsequential.
  14. Welp, I certainly won't be listening to that collaboration again, but I am ready for Daddy Puthy to come back with his own tunes soon.
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  16. He's a closet freak and I am here for it.
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