Charlie Puth - Voicenotes Part 2

I gave this a shot but I just can't deal with the level of heterosexuality of these lyrics

"Baby, I know this might sound kinda crazy, but what would you want to name the baby? No, I'm just playin', but I'm just sayin'"?

Not a fan of the "bitches" line. Doesn't sit right with me. Makes me think of that Howard Stern appearance with the gross lyrics about Rihanna.
It’s a great song, but he doesn’t have the voice for it. His vocal works best with sugary pop songs, it doesn’t have enough swagger for something more Prince-esque. Miguel or Bruno would slay a track like this.

As for the video, this is more a D’Angelo homage, isn’t it?

I want to bury my nose in those armpits, I’m sorry
I really love this, it's the kind of summer bop I've been craving. Only Kylie really delivered up until now imo.

I actually think Charlie is really under-rated as an artist/creator and I don't quite understand why he gets a lot of crap because of what he posts on social media. If we're going there, you should really take a deeper look into other (and more popular) artists.

Maybe I'm in a minority but I loved Charlie and thought it was a decent continuation to Voicenotes.
I only got into Charlie during his last album. I’ll be honest, he only got on my radar because of the thirst traps. I’m a tacky gay. But i stuck around because i liked the music. The album has bops and he’s cute and a bit awkward.

But the new song is a snore and that spoken word part in the middle is so cringe.
He's so talented, that was one of the most tasteful and seamless ways to honor someone's memory. See You Again is so overplayed, but it always just hits different for moments like these.