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Charlie's Angels (inc. 2019 reboot)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., Oct 3, 2011.

  1. My god I love the first movies so much. They came out at a time when I was just discovering my gay self so they had just the perfect amount of female-driven fight scenes and camp sass.
  2. Uno


    Watched the movie - it was... fine. I think they did the film a huge disservice by making it their intro to each other - save that shit for the prequel. There was zero chemistry.

    Ella Balinska was great and actually felt like she belonged in the film - her fights were the most believable. Kristen wasn't as irritating as I predicted but would've felt better as a second lead, rather than the main girl. Naomi Scott was a big miscast as the quirky damsel in distress that becomes badass. I thought I'd like her the most, but never came around to her.

    Elizabeth Banks shoehorning herself into almost every single scene of the film was also pretty annoying. I don't dislike her as much as almost everyone else in the thread, but she really did not need to be in so many scenes. She never let the girls have their own moment to shine - it was almost like having a 4th Angel on the team.
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  3. While all these bad reviews are a bit off putting, I'm still going to see it as soon as it's out in the UK.
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  4. I've spent weeks reading about what a misfire this is and hating on the casting and entire aesthetic. but my gay ass couldn't resit the mess and I've booked tickets for next week.
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  5. Elizabeth Banks, you are wonderful in your own work. She's made me laugh many times.

    But you can't just get an idea for a film and bring on actresses "you" found perfect and then get upset when the film bombs.
    The cast didn't look to be enough of a draw to see the film, andand aren't in the day and age where a Charlie's Angels film was needed.

    And then say because of men is why it bombed.
    Then explain why Captain Marvel was a success, or why Wonder Woman was. Hell Red Sparrow was well received because J Law was a great actress and gave a good performance. Oceans 8 did reasonably well too.

    I'd imagine a Male Charlie's Angels bombing hard and being panned. That's what happened with the 2016 Ghostbusters.
    You can't just change a classic film. And hope for a good reception. It's a very touchy thing to try and fails more often that not.

    You also can't remake a film that doesn't have a big demand and expect it to be a big hit.

    Who honestly could say that in 2019, a Charlie's Angels remake is going to top the box office??? I'll wait.
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  6. Cast Zendaya, Akwanfina and Karen Gillan, who can all bring the action and comedy.
    Have Queens Cameron, Drew and the holy Liu return for one last romp. Bosley gets kidnapped by gay pirates and the new angels call on their retired idols for help. THAT film would top the box office for at least one week. I mean imagine the press tour with those women and the whole 'retired' Diaz returns to big screen narrative build up. With everything going on in the world people will eat it up all the entertaining camp mess.
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  7. That sounds good! I mean, would have made sense, if you're gonna do the movie, might as well get as big of a badass cast to help it in anyway.
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  8. BTG


    I rewatched Full Throttle this morning. The complete lack of willingness to adhere to anything resembling the laws of physics! Iconic, but it's so fun, not a fuck was given.
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  9. My fave is when Demi Moore studies flying squirrels and then has the ability to fly off a building.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A truer sentence was never uttered on this forum.

    This remake seemed like a complete waste of time from the very first mention of it.
  11. I watched Full Throttle earlier and it’s just so ridiculous that it’s iconic.
  12. I love Full Throttle because it truly pushed everything about the first. I love how there’s basically a halo light around the characters in daytime shots because of how far the colors are pushed for the cinematography of the film.
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  13. Hand on heart I think Full Throttle is in my Top 3 all time fave films. It's just all round bonkers and brilliant. It thoroughly embraces everything Ms Banks tried to get rid of in the most recent one. And A++ for the casting (Bill Murray getting kicked to the curb for the sequel will never not be funny).
  14. I remember back in the day, they were trying to label Lucy Liu as being “difficult to work with”. Happy to know that it was all BS and that she’s actually incredibly easy to work with. Even heard it from some friends who worked with her on something being filmed in Canada.
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  15. I don't know if it's because the last two movies I saw were Last Christmas and Frozen 2 but I....didn't hate this?

    The script was uneven and half the quips don't land but it was perfectly charming and the leads were great (Ella Balinska in particular). There were some fun action sequences and there's slightly more self aware campness than I expected. Even though the marketing did make it look shit, many supposedly better films have gotten away with a lot worse, so the negative press feels somewhat unwarranted.

    I'd give it a solid 3/5, it's an entertaining plane movie that I probably won't remember anything about within a month, but it's far from the dumpster fire I was prepared for.
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  16. Um, the two Charlie's Angels movies in the 2000s were box office smashes, so idk what she's going on about. Maybe it's the fact she made a uninspired, shitty movie.
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  17. Elizabeth Banks needs to stop.
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  18. They've given her ANOTHER fucking movie. When will you people learn that your ACTIONS have CONSEQUENCES
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  19. Eh, with people like M*x L*nd*s still getting movies made, I'm fine with a woman getting another chance after one flop.
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