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Charlie's Angels (inc. 2019 reboot)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., Oct 3, 2011.

  1. I really liked it. Enjoyable enough action flick. Not a patch on the first two films, but I had fun.
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  2. Elizabeth Banks is that you..?
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  3. Also, the soundtrack was great, but this was a standout.

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  4. I loved the Bag Girls remix in it but I couldn’t help but imagine Cameron, Drew and Lucy rocking that moment so much better.
  5. They could have easily brought back those three for the conclusion of a trilogy and it would’ve been so much better. I feel like the chemistry they had as a trio just can’t be replicated.
  6. And more relevant than ever, surely? 3 'mature' women leading a movie. Come on. It would have made much more impact that this. Also, it should have been a summer movie not released just before Christmas.
  7. I wonder if the original three were ever on the cards, or whether Cameron refused it so the scrapped the idea. I’d like to think they were offered it, but knowing Hollywood, I imagine it’s unlikely. In a world where the Rock / Arnold / Jason Statham / Vin Diesel can keep leading actions movies into their fifties and beyond, a woman doing the same thing would be simply incomprehensible to those in charge I imagine.
  8. You can currently buy both movies on Blu-ray as a double pack for £4.99 in HMV and today there’s an additional 20% off all Blu-rays. Bargain!
  9. BTG


    It was definitely on the cards back in the day but the soft domestic box office of Full Throttle probably put an end to it.

    I’m sure a reboot with no baggage seemed like the better idea all these years later, so I doubt they ever considered bringing them back in 2019.
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  10. She’s a cute girl. The second half was SO much stronger and the finale was actually loads of fun
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  11. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. A solid 6.5/10. Far too much Elizabeth Banks though.

    who was the voice of Charlie at the end? Was that Drew?
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  12. is 6.5 solid ?
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  13. Is it not? I've seen some shit movies this year.
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  14. I'd give 6/10 (or 3/5) to something I deemed "solid". That's what you need to get a fresh raring on Rotten Tomatoes.

    As expected I've already pretty much forgotten most of what happened in the movie but I find it funny that Kristen got the best reactions - I much preferred the other two leads; and found Kristen's forced Buffy-esque wise cracking pretty grating.
  15. Well.... I liked it! I watched Full Throttle but last night so I went in with a pretty negative attitude which may have worked in its favour (or not? I was very ready and willing to hate it!) Based on the trailer I already felt it wasn’t as fun as the originals but it wasn’t exactly serious like Bond or Bourne. But the franchise it reminded me of most was Mission Impossible. It was like 60% serious 40% fun.

    The biggest revelation was.... Kristen Stewart. I was ready to place the entire blame on her for it being awful but I kinda have to do the opposite? She was great and kinda the MVP. She was a really likeable, cool, kick-ass character. And she was into girls. Would like to see more of this in the sequel. The other two girls were great as well and they all had really good chemistry. Elizabeth Banks was also not insufferable. I quite liked her character actually. The plot was decent. The action could have been a touch more memorable. It could have done with one really awesome and unique action sequence but it was all pretty standard. Not bad by any means but nothing revolutionary.

    Basically: a success! I think? Certainly more so than when I saw the first trailer. I would definitely be up for a sequel. There’s for sure potential with these three.

    Although when Hailee Steinfeld turned up at the end I did think oh that’s who they should have cast. But I can see why they went with these three.

    Also does anyone feel like they were massively hinting at a Cameron or Lucy or Drew cameo which never came?
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  16. I highly doubt a sequel is on the cards based on how this was been received...

    Oddly another rebooted franchise that’s been paid dust just as soon as it arrived feat. Elizabeth Banks (Yes I’m talking Power Rangers).
  17. We had this discussion before as Naomi Scott was in this and Power Rangers as well.
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  18. There's nothing like being optimistic, I guess.
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  19. Did Elizabeth Banks inherit the Becky G curse from co-starring with her in Power Rangers?
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  20. I quote WHO CAN NEVER BE SURE? on a daily basis and noone gets it.
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