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Charlie's Angels (inc. 2019 reboot)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., Oct 3, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    They reunited with Demi for Lucy's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame last month.

    Warms my gay heart seeing them still close after all these years.
  2. They could have made a third movie with those icons instead of this new one tbh. They still got it.
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  3. I think Cameron has retired from acting. I would be very surprised if at the very least a conversation didn't happen about Charlie's Angels 3 at some point before the reboot was greenlit.
  4. They made a mistake with all the casting. I do like Naomi and she has a lot of potential, but the other two are so unconvincing and have no charisma at all. I like the Emma Stone and Constance Wu suggestions, that would have been a good trio with Naomi. The song sounds crap too.
  5. For me what makes Cameron, Lucy and Drew work so brilliantly is that they are essentially three comedy actresses putting in a comedy performance in an action film. I mean this as a compliment - the three of them are absolutely bursting with charisma and charm and chemistry with one another. It feels as though they’ve cast the current three to make a more serious Mission Impossible-esque series, but then tried to make it still seem funny. The tone of the trailer is all over the damn room. Pick one tone and do it well. It doesn’t seem fun, it doesn’t seem camp, but it is hardly a gritty remake either (which could have maybe been a possible route to go down). It’s just... nothing.

    It’s a legitimate shame they didn’t do another one with Cameron, Lucy and Drew. There is absolutely potential for those three to make another great movie - and I do believe the original two movies are great, despite the awful reviews. They’re exactly what they’re intended to be: fun, high-camp, action-packed comedy movies with three hugely likeable leads.

    Also I genuinely think the movies really hold up to 2019 standards. Female leads who are friends and are funny and have a friendship outside of liking boys and they kick ass? We stan the Bechdel Test!
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  6. I honestly thought it would look worse. The dance scene makes me hope this film does get at least as a little silly as the other movie versions. Not fully on board but I look forward to the next trailer.
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  7. I'm not into the trailer but I still have faith in the film.

    Elizabeth Banks has some Big Dick Energy with all of those solo credits.
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  8. I'm just glad that Drew's production company Flower Films is also producing this one. Just as she did with the first two and the failed reboot show.
  9. This could be a bit ageist of me but I feel the angels should all be in their thirties or just generally read as older, teebs. It should be Elizabeth Banks and two other women around her age. I liked that they were a well-oiled machine and a badass, competent trio of grown ass women. This feels like Charlie's Angels:Sweet Valley High edition. And I just don't buy Kristen or Ella as experienced operatives or that Naomi will somehow become one by the end of the film. Also, Noah Centineo is a chore.

    At least Kristen seems to be having fun for once. Good for her. November is a misfire, but I guess they have to try to avoid the Disney blockbuster summer domination somehow.
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  10. Well, hopefully the film will bomb and we get a proper Charlie's Angels 3.
  11. I think it looks good.
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  12. LOVE Kristen's hair.
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  13. All this talk has me watching the first Cameron, Drew and Lucy film. It really is a lot of fun. The new film is clearly going for a more serious vibe.
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  14. Does it really look even remotely serious?! Like someone said above, the tone is giving me Mission: Impossible, which is the last franchise you'd ever call serious. It might not nail the tone it's going for, we'll see, but it definitely looks light, slightly trashy and potentially quite good fun.
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  15. Exactly.
  16. Then why bother rebooting? That's exactly what the other movies were too.
  17. $$$
  18. People still like the franchise and a trio of main stars who are 50 odd aren't gonna appeal to the popcorn audience these films are intended for?
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm yet to see Noah wotsit in a good role. And this is the guy they picked to play He-Man? Eep.
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