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Charlie's Angels (inc. 2019 reboot)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., Oct 3, 2011.

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    If it's a reboot and not set in the same continuity as the TV show and the previous two movies I think it would have been more fun to set it in the 70s. They could have tackled the issues of the time with a modern sensibility, and all had amazing hair.
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  2. I distinctly remember reading somewhere that it was a continuation and not a reboot, but who knows...
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  3. I just noticed in the trailer that there's several costumes from the original films in the closet. So it's likely set in the same timeline as the original movies.
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  5. As far as I know it didn't. It was a contemporary setting. As well as the sequel.
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  6. One of the former angels made a cameo in Full Throttle

  7. I loved the original.

    Sabrina was the best most interesting angel for me. I hated when she left.
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  9. They say in the same article that they got someone to match John Forsyth's voice as much as possible.
    Lucy Liu as Charlie would be iconic though.
  10. They were the same universe I believe. I haven’t seen Full Throttle in forever but wasn’t there a hall of fame of Angels and weren’t some of them 70’s Angels in there? Or something.

  11. Yay a Blu ray release. Can't wait to see these eps in the quality they deserve.
  12. Full Throttle and the original are being released in the UK on bluray in October, preorder on Amazon and get both for only £7.

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  13. I just thought about how much karma this would bring after Bill Murray insulted her acting in front of everyone and she had to be held back from kicking his ass. From that to being Charlie? That would be iconic.
  14. 2 life changing movies for just £7?

    What kind of incredible bargain...
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  15. I'm sorry but this is such... dumb assery. We see films where women are proactive and at work often. We've seen women at the front of the action recently (see: Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow). I'm not saying there shouldn't be more - there should be and yay that there are. But don't try and sell me this as something revolutionary and don't try and sell this to me as being fresh when it looks exactly like the 2 movies that precede with an extra dose of Elizabeth Banks' insufferableness added. They seem to think they're making Charlie's Angels woke and feminist when Drew's movies already were those things.
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  16. How did Elizabeth Banks become a thing? I don't get it. She plays the same character in everything and I seem to hate her in everything I've seen.
  17. Why does this remind me so much of that Good Wife scene where Kalinda and Alicia clearly weren't there at the same time?
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  18. Wait @ this looking more fun by each trailer.
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  19. These aren't for us, they are for kids who are 11 now and think the originals are from the 50s, no? So they'll love this and we'll be 'mine was better'. Nñ I remember the 70s one being on TV too.

    Pitch Perfect franchise.
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