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Charlie's Angels (inc. 2019 reboot)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., Oct 3, 2011.

  1. It's probably because Full Throttle was the peak of cinema.

    When you've made the best movie of all time, where else is there to go?
  2. I spoke it into existence and now I'm seeing the harvest.
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  3. I saw it today. It was... not as bad as I thought it was going to be but everyone was set at like a 4-5 when I could have used 8-9 on the energy/charisma levels.

    They clearly were inspired by the previous film versions, as the hit man was silent and walking a similar path as the scary thin man.

    While I know it was sort of an origin film for the three leads, it felt like they weren’t too close. Drew, Lucy and Cameron all felt like they were best friends and wish this one had that energy.

    Also... Was that Hailey Steinfeld at the end of the film? If so, she showed more charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in the 2-3 shots she was in compared to the main three.

    The biggest offense were the INCREDIBLY poor photoshop Manila they did with the old characters. Like. They looked like they were out of a 90’s film.
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  4. I know she's been off the radar for a few years but Cameron did not deserve this.
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  5. Oh my god. Blame the amazing Bombshell trailer that played before the new Charlie’s Angels... I can’t believe I did that. Cameron! Can she come back from her unnecessary retirement?
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  6. Anyway, lemme pop in my new Blu-rays of the original films. Sad!
  7. $8m domestic opening?!? FLOP
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  8. $8 million is... embarrassing and rather troubling. I thought under $20 million but barely even getting to ten is rather shocking for a former TV show and film franchise.
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  9. Uno


    Naomi Scott has the worst luck. First Power Rangers now Charlie’s Angels - she’s a franchise killer!
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  10. Kristen Stewart and two unknowns is not how you sell a movie like this... Amazing that seemingly no one behind this movie saw that.
  11. This is exactly the reason. They have no draw.

    Can anyone here put together a better, more lucrative trio of actresses?
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    She made a good Jasmine though.

  13. I'm pretty are anyone here could. It all really hangs on a marquee name being the lead which is something Kristen Stewart has long since abandoned even the idea of being one. Add in buzzy up and comers like Zendaya or Awkafina and a press tour about the chemistry between them all would make tickets fly off the shelves.

    This movie essentially hinged on the 'zomg you won't believe how friendship goals so and so are together' buzzfeed articles the locals love.
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  14. I saw it today and really liked it? It doesn’t hold a candle to the McG films but it was fun, Kristen also, surprisingly, showed she had great comedic chops. I’ve come to love her in Olivier Assayas’ films so this was a great change of pace.

    I do agree though. Swap in Hailee and Zendaya over Naomi and Ella and I think it might’ve been a bit better.
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  15. Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron


    Keke Palmer, Janel Parish, Billie Lourd
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  16. The former would make me question why not just do a third one of the McG films but I’d also enjoy a stand-alone featuring them too.

    The latter is good but I honestly don’t think it’d be any more of a draw for the box office than what we got. Keke is a good suggestion though. For something like this, you need actors who can grab you.
  17. Rewatched both 2000 films over the weekend to wash out the bad taste of the new one, and wow...still campy trash perfection after all these years.
  18. Or is it a Elizabeth Banks? Who was also in Power Rangers. Or maybe it's the combo of both of them.
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  19. I actually think Naomi Scott will probably be a thing someday. I don't know about Ella Balinksa since this is her first big thing of note. But this movie needed at least 2 people who are big names now, not potentially in the future.

    This would have bombed even harder.
  20. They've been Becky G Cursed!
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