Charlotte Adigéry

Her forthcoming EP 'Zandoli' is being released by DEEWEE Records, home to lots of weird but great music. On the EP is High Lights, a bop in praise of lacefriont wigs. The video is below.

Charlotte's music is cutting edge super sharp. She's a real talent and with luck she'll be on the front page soon, eh @Popjustice?, also available on itunes etc etc etc. Posters I reckon will like this song include @backstreetjoe, @Sanctuary, @K94, @mindtrappa, @Lander, @Mr.Arroz, and possibly @anfunny2003.
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Finally just getting around to listening to this, but I really dig it. I wanted to wait for the full album to come out so I avoided most of the singles. I admire Charlotte’s tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to serious topics, and I can say I actually needed some of these songs right now - Reappropriate, Mantra, Making Sense Stop, It Hit Me, Thank You…

I’d recommend this to anyone who liked Roisin Machine. It’s somewhat similar in that it’s kind of it’s own world and heady, but also extremely fun and cathartic at the same time.
I can't believe more people aren't talking about this album. It's razor sharp.

Mantra's a highlight, I adore that she built a club-ready chorus out of:

Now let go of this mental interpretation
You exist, with or without it
Thank the fears and say goodbye
Let it go
Your body knows what to do

Don't even get me started on Reappropriate or Blenda.
Haven't stopped playing this album this summer, in particular 'Ceci n'est pas un cliche'. The Soulwax remix of it titled 'Clichè' is finally out too (again late to the party with that). 2ManyDJs played it during their set at Primavera and it was incredible, followed by their remixes of 'I Go' and 'Bizcochito'.

They seem to be having a bit of a viral/meme moment with 'HAHA'. Missy has commented on this tweet.

This reel has 6.1 million views.

Edit: 8.2 million views now.

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Discovered Topical Dancer last Thursday, I’m glad I found it now (rather than earlier) because there are so many brilliant live performances available to watch. Excellent timing, apparently it’s the first anniversary today! Mantra and Ceci n’est pas un cliché are so addictive.