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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Fascination, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. I've tried searching for a thread for this girl to no avail, which I find surprising as she seems to be somewhat popular on social media - but regardless, I present Sleep Talking:


  2. A cute bop
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  3. Sleep Talking is great, the melody on the chorus reminds me of an N'Sync song but don't know which one.
  4. Another single, ‘Everybody Loves You’ is out in the 29th.
  5. Lyrics are great! Definitely should sound better in an EP context…
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  8. ‘Wait Up’ is my favourite so far.
  9. She's 7/7 so far, and I love the rate at which she's releasing songs. She has such a pretty voice and she uses it so well.

    Keep Me Up might be the one, though - she manages to sound so vulnerable and devestatingly beautiful without it sounding insincere. Everybody Loves You is gorgeous, as well.
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  10. New EP is out.

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  11. With all due respect, what the fuck is the point in releasing seven songs before dropping a six song EP that only features one new song (thus giving the shaft to two songs, including her best track Keep Me Up)?

    I'm obsessed with her voice and her songs, and I love how much music she's released in a short span of time, but I find this EP a confusing decision.
  12. She is everything.
  13. Just discovered Wait Up on shuffle and it’s doing a lot for my calamity white girl vibe I’ve got going on at the moment. A 2am solitary tear on the night bus home bop.
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