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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I always watch this series on DVD endlessly and I must say that Shannen Doherty really made this show great for me at first. Only really because it's exactly that...

    Shannen Doherty.
  2. It was properly good when Prue was in it then tolerable for a while for Paige's first season but then it went completely downhill.The final series is particularly abysmal, I hated that episode where they plugged the Sex and the City DVDs but that could have been a series 7 one.
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  3. When Shannen Doherty was in the show, it maintained a balance with Family Values and the Supernatural. Once she was out, it then became all about Magic and the Supernatural.
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  4. I consider myself somewhat of an objective television viewer, I haven't got any real set tastes.

    With that in mind, I have got to say that seasons three and four of this show were pretty spectacular.
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  5. It was brilliant from seasons 1 to 3, because it had the increasingly dark tone, and was a nice alternative to "Buffy." But ever since Paige came into it and Brad Kern took over the show, it deteriorated. I still love it and watched til the end, but seasons 6-8 were so hit and miss, it's embarassing, really. And what's strange is that I love Rose McGowan, and am not all that keen on Shannen Doherty, yet I know the Prue seasons were the best.

    The continuity was pretty awful in the final years, I remember. Though there was some fantastic CGI in certain episodes, considering it was a TV show and not a big budget movie.
  6. I honestly gave this my best go. as fabulous as SD is, no. Pile of wank.
  7. I love Charmed. I still continue to watch all the box sets. I agree with Shannen's seasons being the best although I love Rose McGowan. Personally I thought that Season 2 was the best. The last season was very low budget and the show did get worse towards the end but I still think it's great.
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  8. The finale of Season 6 is incredible televison.

    But yes, as has already been mentioned, very hit and miss and in parts very badly acted. Holly Marie Combs was just going through the motions by the end.
  9. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Charmed is my sisters favourite show, she has the big Book of Shadows DVD collection watches it endlessly too (blaketat and her could have a marathon).

    I technically do love it, but my god it's hilarious to make fun of. Holly Marie-Combs' weird eyebrow, the way they'd always dress Alyssa Milano is boob-enhancing clothes, and Rose McGowan's terrible, TERRIBLE acting.

    The way they constantly shout "LEO!" has me in hysterics, sometimes my mum and I will be just standing around the house and then suddenly shout "LEO!" in an exaggerated American accent. It's hilarious to us, okay?

    The Prue years and certain episodes afterwards = amazing, some of the best TV memories of my childhood are of Charmed.

    The rest = basically awful, and I if I walk into the room and see my sister watching the final season I have to walk straight out again.
  10. Alyssa Milano's premonition's are just too funny. *sharply inhales breath and clutches stomach*

    "Oh my God, I just had a premonition." "What happened? Did you just have a premonition?"
  11. I never really like Charmed that much.Everything looked so cheap and the humour was corny and stale. An extremely poor mans Buffy.
  12. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Paige orbing something into her hands:

    "Pen and paper!"

    *pen and paper appear*

    *30 seconds pass*

    *Paige notices the object in her hands*
  13. Sometimes when my friend shudders I say "What did you see Phoebe?'. It really annoys him.
  14. Meanwhile Piper is somewhere nearby either giving birth or screaming at someone.
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

  16. I heard that the eyebrow was the evil part of Piper that was supposed to be the main storyline in Season 9 before the show was cancelled.
  17. My favourite episodes were the timetravel based ones and the one where Prue gets the empath power.
    I pretty much hated Phoebe due to the rumours of Shannen & Alyssa fighting. So...
  18. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    I love Charmed but it really got shit when Rose came in, I hated the direction they went with the plot and the enemies became way too fairytale, I missed the darkness of the first 3 seasons like Phoebe getting executed or the bogeyman.

    It started to get good however in Season 7 and 8 (especially 8) when the story seemed to pick up but unfortunately it was way too late by then.

    The biggest shame was a Prue-less finale but they just didn't have the budget unfortunately.

    Yes that is definitely in my top 5, she kicked ass in that episode and had a great plot and acting. My favourite of all time has to be where Prue dies though, very emotional and well done, something the funeral episode didn't pick up on for me (besides Piper's breakdown).
  19. My favourite episode is probably the one where they travel to 2009 and Phoebe gets executed. I also loved the one where they go to the lake and the Whitelighter Sam is killed. I personally found the finale pretty dissapointing, and as previously mentioned the lack of Prue ruined it.
  20. I absolutely adored the show while it was on. I have all the dvds and it was probably my favourite show for a while. But I cringe when I watch it now, seasons 3 and 4 are really the only good ones. It went downhill afterwards with stupid fairytale nonsense.

    Although I had gone off the show, I did go to the Halliwell's house in LA last year. It quite a nice moment.
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