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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I hope Whitelighters get the biggest overhaul/just deleted. Their mythology, hierarchy, responsibilities and powers were a complete mess.
  2. I like that the third power is mind reading. It makes for a better plot device.

    One way I'd like their abilities to evolve:

    Mind reading: Psychometry, Premonitions, Emphathy, Deflection, Mind Control, Astral Projection.
    Telekinesis: Psychokinesis, Telematerialization, Levitation, enhanced physical abilities, Projection.
    Time freezing to evolve Time Manipulation and then: Time Travel, Phasing, Blinking, Teleportation.
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  3. I’d actually like them to keep the powers as limited as possible. One of the biggest mistakes they made in the original was giving Piper her combustion power. It made her a bit too powerful. Healing should be nixed as well, maybe, unless it’s used sparingly. It ruined a lot of the dramatic tension when you knew Leo could pop in and save them almost every time.
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  4. That's true, the more omnipotent they grew, the least challenging everything was, and as a result the show suffered. I guess that's why it started being about magic schools and their grandchildren instead of survival and keeping their identities secret. However I think that they did manage to keep certain restrictions in place to help with that. Like all the enemies that were immune to Piper's powers.
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  5. By season 6 they were basically unstoppable. When Paige learned healing it was over.
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  6. That's what I'd like them to avoid. They had to retcon things into the show like demons being immune to Piper's powers, and Phoebe's "abuse" of her own powers causing them to get revoked in season 6, which came across really false. Though I imagine budget constraints played a role in the latter, as well.
  7. I hope they get this right! I was hoping the names would be the same and it would have a similar feel as the first 3 seasons. I guess we’ll see.
  8. The season 3 finale was an emotional rollercoaster because the stakes were genuinely high. After the second, third or eighth time they died, I just stopped caring.
  9. I always felt the reason they gave Piper this power is they knew by that point they were writing Shannon off the show and they needed a sister with a strong enough power to quickly take out demons when the plot required and in a way that would not slow down the episode.

    Saying that though, I will never understand why the girls go into active battle with every demon when PIPER CAN FUCKING FREEZE TIME!

    Every episode should have gone

    Demon : “I am the mighty...

    Piper : “Freeze. Freezy freeze. Now what to stab him with?”
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  10. Holly Marie Combs is doing the absolute most, isn't she?

    "SUE THEM". I screamed.
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  11. Rob


    Rose's situation is getting messier by the minute. Her former manager has committed suicide and her family are placing a lot of the blame on Rose, eek.
  12. I don’t think Rose can be accountable for someone else’s suicide.
  13. Yeah blaming someone for suicide is just horrid. I don't think she needs the added blame to the stress of losing someone close to her.
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  14. Piper's molecular combustion was literally the best thing to have happened on the show, though.................
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  15. Yet losing Prues telekinesis 2 episodes later was sadly the worst.
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  16. I liked the early days when they had to run to the book to stop something from happening. It gave us a "will they won't they" vibe as opposed to later down the line when a demon showed up and they barely looked up from eating their Cornflakes. A quick side eye did the job.

    I felt Secret Circle was too slow in developing powers and ultimately that side of things I found boring so they need to find a mix.
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  17. So, hilariously, I am just back from an interview to be a Producer's Assistant on the reboot.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Be careful here, you don’t want this account identified and held against you.
  19. BTG


    Let me @HollyMarieCombs and have her come for you.
  20. Watch out.

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