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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I don't think there would be an issue stating that much. I wouldn't say anymore than that.

    Exciting to think I might be a part of the legacy, even if it is not the preferred continuation.
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    Not sure you can gleam a whole lot from the casting since it’s a different crop of characters to the original trio, but they at least look like a sibling unit. I’m curious to see how it will work with them starting out with the whole long lost sibling story, rather than the complicated family history we had when the original began.
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  3. I'll definitely give it a chance but I can't say I'm particularly excited for this.
  4. I would love to see a series about adult Wyatt and Chris with the original actors.

    Think I'm more interested in the Roswell reboot.
  5. Yikes, no thanks. Drew Fuller is one of the worst things the later seasons tried to force on us.
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  6. Agreed! I even wish they had retconned Piper ever getting pregnant considering what that led to (him and Migic School! Yikes!!)
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  7. That ship has sailed a long time ago as soon as Supernatural began airing. Another brother centric show just didn't make sense for the WB at the time and certainly not on the CW.
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  8. Watching Charmed on 4Music right now and I can't handle Piper's fake as fuck/terrifying extra arms!
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  9. I really want some or all of the originals to make cameo appearances as their characters especially Shannen.

    If a proper reunion doesn't happen it's the next best thing.
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  10. It’s going to be a fucking mess and I’m ready.

    Fingers crossed they do a ‘4 piece’ Halliwell reunion at some point.
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  11. So the CW is shitting on two of my old fave shows and making a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries that looks mediocre?
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  12. Well, I'm excited about it.
  13. Do we know if they'll have the same powers as the original trio? (Or the 2nd one with Paige, either way, will the powers be retconned?)

    We know next to nothing for now, so I'm reserving judgment, but my only fear is that... there doesn't seem to be a "early Piper" for now, the sort of middleground, which I find disappointing.
  14. ^Instead of premonitions I think I read the third power is telepathy - or at least mind reading.
  15. I wonder if these new characters will die and be brought back to life as much as the original 3?
  16. In a time when Buffy could pull off ‘Cinema quality’ style fights and effects and shots I will never get why ‘Charmed’ effects were so late 80s shitty!
  17. Uno


    I wonder how they'll factor in mind-reading into battles. You'd think that they would've learned their lesson with Phoebe's premonition power being rather dull and her being useless in fights (thus her having to learn martial arts and later giving her those flop flying powers).
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  18. Mind attacks/paralyzing the enemies would be cool, but beyond that I feel like mind reading offers much more as a narrative device, which is what I suppose they had in mind when making the change from premonitions. It feels more... flexible. It could also mean that the character can more effectively avoid attacks or save victims on the spot...
  19. And then taking them away because of budget cuts ddd.
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