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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I used to belittle Phoebe’s powers, but they were pretty much the catalyst of every episodes, and it feels weird knowing there won’t be one of them who can see the futures (or past, for that matter).
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    I don't hate it. The woman on the left perfectly captures those old-school Charmed promo shots to the T. Very Phoebe; I love it.
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  3. I've read a little bit more on it. They've changed quite a lot from the original setting, which makes me curious to watch the first few episodes, if anything. I really want to see how each sister is going to interact with eachother.

    These descriptions, in particular, makes for an interesting reading. The sisters all sound so different to what their original counterparts were, but I'm not saying it's necessary a bad thing. I'm just surprised they didn't (more or less) start at the exact same place as the original series, and then start to deviate from there on.
    Hoping they capitalize on the Hispanic lore of witchcraft to explain some of the supernatural stuff as there's quite a lot to dig in there.
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    So the eldest sister is technically a stranger to the other two? Interesting dynamic. All of the earlier seasons focused on Prue being the most powerful/ protective/ center of attention as the eldest sister. Will be interesting to see a different dynamic now.
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  5. (Did you mean Prue?)

    I agree. It's gonna be interesting to see is this totally new dynamic in comparison to the original show. Mel/Piper 2.0 is, from the start of season one, the eldest sister. She's Madison/Phoebe 2.0's big and only sister (at the start).
    Then, Macy/Prue 2.0 comes in and tell them she's their half-sister. But unlike Paige in season 4, she's not their new younger sister to both - she's, in fact, the eldest in the family. So it's definitely an untouched dynamic between the sisters there if we go back to the 1998 version.

    Also, maybe noteworthy... Although they are obviously all main characters, I've read somewhere that Mel (Piper 2.0) could be the "leading" sister in a similar fashion as to how Prue was in the original series. So, again, this is going to be interesting to watch.
  6. Yeah, to me that's sorta what a reboot is!

    Interesting that the youngest sister is the one least enthusiastic about being a witch this time round.

    EDIT: I wonder if there's going to be a new manor with an attic and Book of Shadows? It'd make it more Charmed-y. Wow, typing that makes me realise that it really wasn't that long ago that the original series ended!
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  8. I thought that image was fan-made but apparently it isn't? This doesn't bode well. Like, what?

    I thought they would be trying out some new stuff since they've completely reshaped the characters, but this looks like they're just trying to recreate promos from the original show, and they've even tried to recreate the original logo? What is any of this
  9. I hope they keep How Soon Is Now as the themes song.
  10. I don't think I'd read too much into that image, I was more interested in the actual still from the show, with THE BOOK in full sight.
  11. My main issue is that the idea of them not all being together in the beginning isn't bad, but it's implemented badly... Like some weird attempt to combine Prue and Paige into one character.

    But, like, the idea that their mother could take away their powers and boom, they're totally safe from evil for 20 years until the plot is ready to go, never made much sense.

    They could've combined these two things and given the show its own identity by having the main driving force be that these three sisters were divided in childhood, their mother adopting each of them out to protect them. Then, in adulthood, the three discover their powers, independently, and the truth comes out and they have to find one another. That would almost make the reboot worthwhile.
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  12. I'm less concerned with those sorts of machinations. As the original was founded on the bond between the sisters, I think it's important to have that relationship between Mel and Maggie already in place, so it can be tested. We just get more dynamics this way (sisters who have been together for life, those who haven't, and those who are willing to get to know each other vs. those who do not). I personally think it will add more fuel to the writing fire, so to speak.

    I'm mostly worried that the series might get caught up in trying to do too much social commentary, and forget about the family drama. The latter is what the original was founded on, and while this is a show for a new generation and time, I think we still need the sibling bonding to ultimately ground it.
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    They're wearing the same clothes in the photo preview as well as the episode still, so I doubt that that photo will be used for many promotional purposes (at least I hope so). They probably just wanted to get a quick photo out to tease with as soon as possible.
  14. I have slowly started a rewatch of the original (it already pains me to say 'the original'). The Prue seasons are very nostalgic to me and I'm already dreading her death all over again. I am not sure how I feel about this reboot. I can absolutely do with a new show in the vein of Charmed, but tweaked. Personally I do not need a reimagining of the Power of Three with three new sisters.

    What I would have loved though, was a show with a broader look at witchcraft in this day (in America). Without knowing what the basis of the witchcraft in this reboot is, I would have loved a representation of different cultures; wicca, brujería, voodoo, Santería... Perhaps a series following different witches from different backgrounds with their own storylines, but plagued by similar forces of evil and brought together every now and then to combine forces. Without it turning into AHS Coven. But that might be too much work.

    That logo in the official image is awful though. I will watch it nevertheless.
  15. Okay, it actually looks really good...
  16. I agree, I am totally here for it. I wasn't a Charmed diehard though so I'm not going into this with any worries, think I gave up around season 5.
  17. Okay, it looks better than I expected. It is very the CW though, but what else can be expected? It definitely looks better than the latter half of the original. I wonder what the pacing is going to be like. I liked that they originally had to struggle on their own for quite some time and the trailer gives the impression that with this 'advisor of witches' they get the full picture very early on. Not so sure about the character of the advisor though. It seems to be a bit of a Rupert Giles type.
  18. The acting looks a bit underwhelming, even as a CW show, but the production seems great.
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