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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Absolutely harrowing, especially as she finally had gotten her strength and quality of life back. I hope she pulls through.
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  3. Omg it’s so sad , please pull through Shannen
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  4. You better personally get in touch with her, Holly. Make amends because there's a big chance she won't pull through this time. And I'm utterly devastated.
    Bury the hatchet and don't be bitter Holly.
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  5. I think what she's saying is she's going to reach out to her through more personal methods then social media, which makes sense.
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  6. That's how I read it.
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  7. Either way she's been utterly vile when it came to Shannen's first diagnosis. She told on Chelsea Handler's show, the way you lose dear friends that it feels like a divorce.

    Shannen also alluded to a close friend who frankly said, "Can you stop talking about cancer and just drink a couple glasses of wine. You're depressing."

    I NEVER expected Holly of all people being so nonchalant about it.

    She's nasty. And it hurts me because she was always my favorite sister.

    But at the end of the day they're only actors.
  8. I try not to judge as we really dont know what happened. Holly does seem very different to Piper though.

    I just hope they make amends before it's too late. I also hope Shannen manages to stabilize her terminal cancer diagnosis apparently many Stage 4 survivors have lived for many years with their cancer.
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  9. There may be countless reasons for them to stay away from each other at such a critical time, just as there may be as many reasons for them to "make amends" or whatever. We have no way to know what's best for them, and all I hope is that we don't actually find out and that they keep it all to themselves. This is not a time for their relationship to be on display for our sense of fulfillment or justice or what not.
  10. I first watched Charmed on Living - it was one of the rebranded channel's biggest hits, so it doesn't surprise me they wanted to interview Shannen.
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  11. Fucking Alyssa Milano.
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  12. I've been watching the second season of the reboot on Netflix. Honestly it's a cute enough show—not mind-blowing or high-brow, but it doesn't need to be. I like that it's continuing to go down its own path with storylines and its depiction of everything.
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  13. I'm gonna have to watch that season at some point. I missed some episodes when it was airing, and was waiting for it to be on there, and forgot to check lately, so thanks for posting about it.
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  14. I stopped halfway through Season 2, it just wasn't grabbing me and I have too much other stuff to watch.
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  15. I honestly really enjoyed season 2. It’s come into its own a lot, and now that it’s shed most of its ties to the OG mythology it’s a lot better off.
  16. I continue to like the new Charmed. It's definitely not reached the highs of the original (but I don't think it's reached the lows either...or even come close). It's fun, though, and I really like the characters. Harry is really hot too.
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  17. ....So should I pick this show back up?

    I loved the original, I have every season on DVD and have watched them through dozens of times.

    I started nuCharmed and got half way through season 1, it started off making me think "Okay, what was the point of this if they're just going to retread old ground and retell old stories", also the CGI villain in one of the first episodes looked ABSOLUTELY horrible. How do you make a show 20 years after the original look worse than end-of-the-90s TV?
    But then... I was kind of interested in whatever was going on with that woman Elder. And I was kind of interested in this "rogue witches that don't listen to the elders" storyline. But then it took a break for a few weeks, had a weird Christmas episode that I was NOT looking interested in... and I moved onto something else and never went back.

    Does it strengthen on its new ideas and new stories? Does it stop trying to convince me that CGI is acceptable? Is it going to keep relying on any poorly copied links to the old show to try to appeal to my nostalgia?
  18. I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for this to pop up on a streaming service somewhere. I remember it was on Netflix ages ago but i haven’t seen it anywhere since? I’d love a rewatch.
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