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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I've enjoyed Nu-Charmed season 2. It's much better the more they step out on their own. Admittedly Harry and the demon played by Amberle from the Shannara Chronicles are the best characters in it, but the overall characterisation is a lot better than S1.
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  2. I think it got better around halfway through season 1. The pacing was a mess in early episodes but it calmed down toward the end. Season 2 has new showrunners so it's quite different from season 1. At this point, it is really nothing like the original and it wouldn't get half the flack it gets if it had a different name. It's carving out its own mythology and really settling into its storytelling. It's not perfect and I don't connect with it the same way I did the original, but it's entertaining and I love witches so it does the trick.
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  3. Yeah basically I wished it was it's own thing, I love witches in fiction like this and I like the Charmed universe so I was disappointed when they tried so hard in the beginning to rehash a bunch of old ideas. But if they're getting away from that I'll have to give it another chance.
  4. It's been 21 years and I'm still upset that Andy died at the end of Season 1 and Prue never got a decent relationship after that.

    I'm going to have to binge watch original Charmed again, seasons 1-4 are pretty perfect. Season 5 and 6 were pretty good too, but a tad hit and miss in places. Season 7 and 8 were average at best and I haven't re-watched them since they were broadcast. Kaley Cuoco was the worst thing to happen to Charmed.
  5. Season 6 is way worse than 7. At least the Avatars gave the series a chance to try something different to the chase, chant and vanquish approach the writers had worn out by that point. And Charisma Carpenter should have been brought on full-time - her guest spots breathed such life into the show.
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  6. The fact it was so blatantly ripped off from Angel Season 4 and Buffy Season 7 though. They didn’t even try to hide it.
  7. ... I continued on watching the reboot show, Still in season 1.
    I hate that most of the spells they do are not rhyme-y poetry like in the original.
    I hate that orbing looks stupid.

    It's like they copied things they didn't need to copy, and then changed up things they didn't need to change up.
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  8. Charisma Carpenter as Kyra/The Seer dying broke me in the original show.
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  9. What really pissed me off was the introduction of The Cleaners in season 6. Like, if they existed where the hell were they in the All Hell Breaks Loose episode? An insult to Prue's death.
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  10. Giving the horror that was Billie Jenkins Prues telekinesis power was for me the biggest insult to Prue.
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  11. I rewatched the pilot of the original series this evening and I really enjoyed it. I forgot how darker the earlier seasons felt. I am tempted to start a proper rewatch now.

    Also, the remaster is glorious! It's my first time seeing it.
  12. I mean, they ripped off a lot of other stories from similar series as well, but the point is that it was different for Charmed. And they executed it relatively well, so I’m not too mad.
  13. Let's not forget the reverse in season 7 Buffy where Willow & Kennedy have a fight and Willow turns into Warren. It was like the Charmed writers got hold of Buffy, and I was thinking "I like my Charmed to be Charmed and my Buffy to be Buffy."

  14. Holly starts talking about Shannen around 11 minutes in.

    I think this is the first time she's actually confirmed they dont talk anymore. She claims it's because they got too close.

    I'm glad she took the high road and continues to champion her though, let's hope they find each other again.
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  15. It’s nice she finally spoke about shannen and it’s great to hear how Shannen championed holly to get the part of charmed.

    Just wish they could at least be in contact again with everything Shannen is going though .

    Anyone know of Alyssa is still in contact with Shannen I know she reached out to her and said they were meeting up a few years ago.
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  16. I find the whole thing super weird. I know we don’t have all the details and don’t know the situation all that well but they were best friends for decades and the remainder of Shannen’s life is likely measured in months. Pick up the phone and call her!

    rant over
  17. I really liked how the earlier seasons of Charmed would go all out with make-up to make the demons look like demons. It was disappointing how as the show progressed the demons started looking more and more human.
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  18. Yeah, it stopped being cute when they introduced the Triad and the Source of All Evil, and it was basically some dudes. Everything went downhill from there. The nexus was their best villain.
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  19. The later seasons were made on a tight budget that's also why Phoebes expensive levitation power was phased out.

    Darryl and Leo were sacrificed in Season 8 to pay Cuocos salary as they thought she would provide the network with a spin off (big mistake)
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  20. I hate that it ended up going that way.
    And a spin off with Wyatt and Chris would've been way better than Billie.
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