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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Drew Fuller couldn’t act his way out of a tin can. Avoiding both spin off ideas was a good call.
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  2. The only plus for Drew was that he could have this.
  3. Season 8 was a disaster on all fronts. Creatively they already had spluttered out, but forcing Billie front and centre was a terrible choice given how unlikeable the character was and how Kaley could not act to save her life.

    It was definitely a form of cruel and unusual punishment for the network to give them an 11th hour renewal, only to slash the budget so low they legitimately could not afford to pay the full cast or equip the special effects team with anything beyond MS paint.

    Most iconically awful moments include: the episode where Billie inexplicably yells at her parents and calls them "cold-blooded assassins" (!?!?) (which they then proceed to turn into) and the episode where the parody Sex and the City, with Phoebe providing the Carrie-esque voiceover.

    To think it was a choice between a sixth season of Angel and Charmed, and they chose this. A mess.
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  4. The worst thing about the Billie storyline was Christie. She was one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen in a network series.
  5. The fact they couldn’t even afford the sound of wind chimes so Phoebe could get back her Empathy.

    The struggle...
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  6. The fact the Charmed Ones were about to kill Billie during the dragon staff episode but she just....changed their minds.

    That is a terrifying aspect of her power. So if Billie has decided to walk Leo in front of a bus, would he have?
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  7. I don't think I ever watched season 8 in full... Mess.
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  8. I have also only seen select episodes from Season 8. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that two random young witches managed to match the power of the Charmed Ones, who had been at it for almost a decade, in the space of months.
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  9. Plus the fact that the Charmed Ones are literally supposed to be the most powerful witches ever, right?
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  10. I started rewatching and young John Cho would get it. I also teared up at his ghost character saying goodbye to Piper.

    I forgot how soap-operay it felt at the beginning, that weird music every time a scene starts ddd. And less of a supernatural/fantasy feel although it looks like there was zero budget so perhaps they were restricted with what they could do.
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  11. Has anyone watched the Manic Episodes deconstruction of Charmed which basically points out the endless plot holes and how at odds the storylines were with it’s supposed empowering message? Obviously it’s done by someone who doesn’t like the series so it’s not going to be positive but it’s pretty funny regardless.
  12. Yes! They’re iconic!
  13. Re watched this interview again ...

    I don’t care what Shannen did or didn’t do to holly but Holly not being there for shannen is unforgivable.
  14. I really wanted to get the new blu-ray releases for Season 1 and Season 2.... but I'm hearing there's gonna be a complete series set released later this year, so now I don't know what to do.

    Just give me Charmed in HD and I'll be happy. The DVD set I have is beautiful, but the quality of the actual episodes isn't it.
  15. They are AMAZING.
  16. You don't know them and don't know the full story, though...

    Still, it's all very sad. I guess the Charmed reunion will never happen.
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  17. Yeah people need to stop chastising Holly for falling out with Shannen. It's not as simple as one person having cancer, the end. Friendships are way more complicated than that, something must have gone down between them.
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  18. I maybe need to give the interview a watch. I just figured they were no longer friends at the time Shannen had cancer so of course Holly wouldn't have been there?

    I lose track of who is friends with who amongst the Charmed girls or if any of them are friends to be honest
  19. Until Holly actually says she’s didn’t desert shannen while she had cancer for no good reason I won’t forgive her , her last interview saying they were too close is bullshit , shannen needed her to step her . Holly even admitted it was shannen and Arron that got her the job on charmed , she owes her big time.
  20. None of this has anything to do with how a friendship works though. Neither of them was supposed to force the other to stay close after they pretty obviously both had hurt each other a great deal. There was/is a life on the line, so... priorities.
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