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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. You don't know these people so you need to chill out. She owes you precisely NOTHING.
  2. Thank‘s for finding and posting that what a treat! It was funny reading it trough.

    I was thinking about it for a while and something‘s just no quite right there.

    I believe that at that point in time Shannen definitely knew she won‘t be part of the show anymore or even wasn‘t part of it already. She‘s an excellent actress and played it all nice for the fans I guess, the transcript gives it away though.

    The exact same day she did that interview she was a guest on the Graham Norton Show (even though the show was probably pre-recorded one or two days beforehand).

    Like already mentioned she was looking forward to start shooting the 4th season, talked about Alyssa wanting to leave and Charmed in general. She also said that it takes 8 days for an episode to film and someone asked her if she likes Huskies or something like that, to wich she replies that she‘s playing one in an episode (Look Who‘s Barking) that‘s the one before the final, wich aired at the beginning of May, so all around that time and I‘m sure they‘ve already completed filming the entire 3rd season by than, ages ago.

    You can also tell by Shannen‘s appearance, she looked different (her hairstyle) than she looked during her last season. There‘s also a clip on YouTube from a fan convention from around 2015, where she confirms she wanted to leave a long time ago, before she actually did and that the network knew about her plans.

    So my point.. I don‘t know when exactly they‘ve wrapped the third season but having all this information I think it was late 2000 or early 2001. Rose joined in June and rumors of her joining started in May.
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  3. Thanks for this. I've just watched Alyson's criticism from season 1 to 6 and honestly it kinda killed my vision of the show. You have to know that this was my favourite show ever as a child. I had posters, special magazines, neckless... I was obsessed by it. I grew up with it, looked up to the characters.
    Realizing now that men were portrayed as cliche (handyman, into sports, very good-looking, successfull) while as a kid I never felt manly enough... The desperate need of being in a relationship and the feeling of being nothing without a man while I was struggling with the same feeling as a teenager and young adult...
    Yup tea was served.
  4. I watched these Manic Episodes series a couple years ago when they first came out and it caused me to have the same reaction. I was like "oh, this show DID have problems".
    But... I still think fondly of the show, It could be better, yes. And it doesn't age as well as we would like with how the women and men are portrayed. But it's still a decent little show.
  5. Oh yeah no for sure. I don't think that it is a bad show, it remains a good entertaining one. I just see it differently now.
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  6. Not sure I ever said she did owe me ? I said she owed Shannen.

  7. Rose tagging Holly but not Alyssa...

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  8. I've been looking for this for ages! I didn't remember the title. Thanks for posting this!

  9. That was cute.


    Rose talking about directing a reunion movie

    I would direct you, Shannen and the other one
  10. Do they say anything else that's fun? I don't want to listen to this for an hour.
    It's nice they talk about Charmed though. It's sad that all 4 of them might consider doing something Charmed related and it's just not going to happen.
  11. The biggest revelation for me was that they apparently had a show bible.
  12. That got kind of awkward in the middle because Holly so clearly wants to make a Charmed reunion happen (and it seems like she's been actively thinking up how she can make it happen) but Rose is having none of it. Which pretty much rules it out entirely; I don't see how they could do it without Paige.
  13. That was a fun watch. They should do Youtube react videos. I'd watch that.
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  14. Okay but Holly has three season more of Charmed coin clanging about, why is Rose’s webcam quality SO much better?
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  15. Okay I’ve hit the 10 min mark and.....never mind. They’re both a smudgy mess.
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  16. Because this was Rose's livestream and Holly was calling into Rose's live. And Rose is out of the US so... connection issues. I don't think you were looking for an actual tech support answer but
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  17. Holly seems to be the only one who would actually be serious about doing more Charmed, and she gets along with all the others. Despite her and Shannen's current fall out, I can't imagine they'd refuse to work together... But that's just my assumption.
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  18. I mean I could be reading too much into it but I really get the feeling that she's trying to soften Rose up to the idea and get a prospective yes out of her in that stream. She sounds like she's actively trying to rally support in the hope of getting some attention from those with commissioning power.

    But sadly I don't see it happening while Charmed 2018 is still on air and by the time that's over who know where Shannen's health will be. And with Rose determined that acting is behind her, they're hardly gonna do it with just Alyssa and Holly.

    It really should have happened 3-4 years ago, I think the window has now closed.
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  19. Rose secretly saying (when Holly was out the room) that Shannen, and Alyssa did hate each other. Scream.
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