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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. And honestly... I'm okay with that. I do think there is just so much stuff between all 4 of them that it would be difficult for it ever to be the right time. It's like trying to have a Spice Girls reunion with all the girls... Like the fates just might not align for them.
    If anything, have some season-long alternate reality storyline with nuCharmed that'll bring Holly and whoever else into the rebooted universe. If it's written well... it'd at least be something.
  2. Even though I like Rose she probably just said that because she can‘t stand Alyssa herself anymore. I‘d say everything is fine between Shannen & Alyssa and has been for a very long time now. They‘re both grown women and are far away from the drama there once was back in the day. At this point if there‘s ever gonna be some sort of reunion or if there’ll ever come out anything from this at all, I want and can only see it being with the original three. Rose can still play a powerful, bad witch or a deamon, I‘m sure she‘ll be great and up for it and it‘s probably the only way to refuse scenes with Alyssa.
  3. Also I'm rewatching the show and Leo's, uh, kind of a predator?

    So he befriends the family before the girls are born, then watches them grow up. At some point in Piper's childhood he recognises her as his soulmate from a past life. He continues to spy on them into their adulthood until they get their powers.

    Then, knowing that witch-whitelighter romances are forbidden and doomed to end in pain, and that he could easily pass them on to someone else as charges, he decides it's fine and starts hanging around their house under false pretences and starts pursuing Piper romantically, only to leave and break her heart when she reciprocates.

    Then as soon as she gets over him and finds a nice guy, suddenly Leo's back and my god he will not take no for an answer in season two. All this while being in a position of power with a duty of care?

    Jesus Christ.
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  4. Charmed is not the kind of show you're supposed to think this hard about. Characters decide to be in love / not be interested in love at the drop of the hat depending on what the plot of the day calls for. Continuity was not that important to anyone creating this show.
  5. Rose could write her own parts (all of them could)? What would the point be if all four aren't in it and she's only there to direct, ddd. Was it just her way of saying no? (Even though she's said herself she would do it if it's all four of them before?)
  6. Yeah, I do wonder if she'd soften to the idea if the girls are all given creative input and final say over the script.
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  7. Well that was unexpected. Who is this for? Who?
  8. Tony and Alyssa's careers.

    It's just nice to hear Rose talk so lovingly about the show. I don't think she was particularly happy with the job in the later seasons but it's nice to see she recognizes how loved it is.
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  9. Darryl was the reason i knew I wanted to s*ck d*ck my whole life. What a man he is. And this show in general was just.... great for the young “don’t know yet” gays of the early 2000’s.
  10. I remember the surge in interest for everything related to witchcraft in the late 90's. The Craft, Practical Magic, Buffy and Charmed led to bookstores piling up on all things Wiccan, Tarot Cards, crystals and incense. I used to spend my allowance on all of that.
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  11. Yeah, I am basically interested in seeing them play their real-life selves, except with their Charmed names, powers and sisterly bond. Whatever they want to say about themselves, I'd love for Charmed to be the vehicle for them to say it. I don't care about what the show was in terms of story, lore or character development/deaths (or any of the "there can only be three sisters with powers" shit) to be honest, it was all so messy by the end that anything that tries to rely too heavily on it is bound to be shit. Maybe keep the tone remotely similar to that of the first three seasons, and/or bring back Leo, Cole, Andy and Darryl (not necessarily with the girls already knowing them or having got to know them in the same way as in the series), that's it.
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  12. what the fuck is happening with Alyssa's hands
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  13. Haha. I never noticed that. Rose made a post about it recently, too. She posted a DVD box cover and pointed out the bad photoshopping and how their bodies were never like that.
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  14. Rose and Alyssa are fighting on twitter.

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  15. Just when I thought: We're never getting that reunion, are we?.... Ha!
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  16. Their endless barbs at one another is honestly beyond parody at this point ddd

    Feud: The Charmed Ones by Ryan Murphy is so much more likely than a reboot.
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  17. There was always the rumor that Shannen was the difficult one... I guess a majority of the turmoil between the girls was Alyssa.
    I always did find it interesting Holly always seemed closer to Shannen and Rose than Alyssa.
  18. It does seem impossible for there to ever be a reunion now sadly. People always thought Alyssa and Shannen would be the big issue but this thing between Alyssa and Rose is on a whole other level.

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  19. I really respect Rose. She's very vocal and so independent in her feelings on things - there is 0 "sheep following the herd" mentality with her. She always stands up for what she believes in. It's no surprise she's bumping heads with Alyssa for being a huge hypocrite.
  20. Who would have thought that Shannen would the one to try and keep peace and harmony.

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