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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. It wouldn't be Charmed without the behind the scenes drama...
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  2. I think she must be secretly enjoying how she is coming across better to the fans in of all this. Before it was very Alyssa is an angel and Shannen the monster who also was fired from 90210.

    It's not so black and white now.
  3. I need ‘Feud : Charmed’ from Ryan Murphy right now.

    That fact that he could probably get Holly and Brian to play themselves just adds to the kii.
  4. The fact that this dragging by Rose came as a response to Alyssa trying to engage in a political discussion...
    Not a good look.
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  5. Well, Alyssa thought she should reply to Rose - who already doesn't like her.
    Then it blew up from there.
    Like Alyssa should've just stayed out of it. Clearly they don't see eye to eye so I don't know what Alyssa is trying to accomplish engaging with Rose in politics.

    Rose, unlike Alyssa, isn't just about to drop her morals to vote for someone who is accused of sexual assault. And that's her right. And Alyssa shouldn't be arguing with her about how Rose isn't a big democrat (or republican) fan right now.
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  6. Yes shannen!! Maybe you wasn’t the difficult one after all!!!
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  7. This thread (much like the Twitter drama between the stars of Charmed) is an absolute hoot.
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  8. Up to season 8 in my rewatch and thinking about spin-offs that might have been. The Billie one would obviously have been awful, but I think a grownup Wyatt & Chris show would have been decent.

    I'm on 8.02 at the moment where Paige enrols in the police, and honestly they should've stuck with it and done a spin-off where she moves to the east coast, joins the NYPD and fights crime both human and demonic with her new parter—Darryl.
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  9. I think that Billie was better than the 100th resurrection and powers set of Cole, the 100th role and powers set of Leo, the Harry Potter except boring school, the grownup children from the future that are completely pointless both in the present and in the future, the cupids, the charmed turning into a mermaid, the lady of the lake, and even turning into other characters at some point but seeing no consequences of the change? Were these even all in the same season? I hated everything.
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  10. Just finished my watch-through and damn I'm glad they renewed the show for the eighth season. It's hardly the high-point of the show, but it's leaps and bounds ahead of season seven and I'm glad they got to go out on a (relative) high.

    I enjoyed Something Wicca This Way Goes a lot more this time round, but Forever Charmed really blows it out of the water. What an amazing finale. It's kinda paint-by-numbers, sure, but it hits every beat perfectly, it's like a nostalgic victory lap, and the end scene is a real tearjerker, especially with S-Club 7's Never Had a Dream Come True that beautiful piece of music playing over it.

    I think the show peaked in season two and started to become a bit cartoonish after that, but still enjoyable. I'd put season five as a second little peak before tapering off into the decent sixth and eighth seasons (with a giant canyon between them.)

    It was kinda sad watching it knowing Rose's feelings on the show and on acting now. She's immensely talented, so it'll always be a shame that she's decided to stop acting. I of course have endless respect and admiration for everything she's accomplished over the past five years, but I wish she were given the opportunities to explore acting on her own terms and to tell stories that are important to her.

    One of my main takeaways: How breathtaking is the final shot of All Hell Breaks Loose? The episode has always been one of my favourites and damn that shot moving back through the wrecked house and the doors smashing and then silence... Amazing.

    I keep thinking how exciting it would be to hear the opening chords of How Soon Is Now as "A Netflix Original Series" appears on screen......

    Also I had to buy the final two episodes on iTunes because apparently my DVD is messed up. So if any of the DVD special features are on YouTube, I would love a link, I've still never seen them!
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  11. I wonder when the HD episodes will be available digitally. I would love to add them to my iTunes collection. Seasons 1-3 are so rewatchable.
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  12. Yeah I wish they were. I have every season on DVD but i'd love for all the remaster blurays to all come out so I can enjoy the show in not 90s/early 00s quality.
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  13. The Blu-Ray complete series set is planned for later this year I think, so maybe when that’s released they’ll release to digital retailers too.
  14. They're releasing it as a whole set?
    They've released season 1 (and 2?) so far.
  15. Oops, apparently in Germany.

    But it does bode well for North America getting the rest of the releases sometime soon.
  16. One moment from the show that always pops into my head randomly is when Paige makes a "potion" out of random crap when they're in the bank in Season 8. It's so fucking stupid.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I will say that the episode where Paige goes back to see her parents always chokes me up? Genuinely one of Rose's best moments, and since my rewatch a few months ago, I can't let it go.
  18. I really like the episode where Cole becomes an Avatar and bends reality to where he and Phoebe rule the underworld together or whatever. I thought that was a great final episode for Cole.
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  19. Shannen and Sarah ...

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