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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Basically Alyssa supported Time's Up, and Rose strongly believed the people involved would do more harm than good, and basically she was asked about Alyssa becoming involved with the movement and said she just doesn't like or trust her, ddd.
    Then Alyssa was rallying in favor of democrats, Rose said something along the lines of "democrats don't do shit", Alyssa responded with a list of positive changes brought on by Democrats and Rose responded "you were terrible at everyone on set" or something similar as an attempt to attack her character to invalidate her claim. Now this. Those are the main points I think. I hope I didn't say anything wildly inaccurate.
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  2. From what I remember the current combos on the outs are Alyssa and Rose (because of what’s already been discussed), and Holly and Shannen (no idea why this is the case). Alyssa and Shannen seem to have made peace with each other but likely aren’t friendly. So basically no full trio would ever be able to reconcile dddd

    I suppose this all doesn’t really matter, but the basic bee in me always hates the idea that the real women behind these characters I grew up with just don’t like each other that much.
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  3. Rose and Alyssa's feud goes quite deep, it's layered and I think it might not be salvageable.

    I feel like Rose gets very triggered by Alyssa's relationships with Georgina Champan, the CAA and how ingrained she is within the Hollywood machine - the "cult" she usually talks about. She's been deeply hurt by the system, so I can understand where her anger and desire for the whole thing to collapse comes from.

    Alyssa's also very privileged and lacking of any self-awareness (her IG Live interview with Ziwe is wild), I don't doubt she has a good heart and comes from a good place, but she's very much the definition of white feminism.

    All of that keeps fueling the fire between them, however one-sided it may be. It's sad, but these are bigger things than just feuding on set.
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  4. Yeah instead of ever crossing fingers for a reunion, i'd rather just get Rose or Holly to guest on Charmed 2.0. Or, as Rose said she'd like to do: maybe write or direct an episode.
  5. I know it's probably an odd thing to say, but I really do not care about their characters as specifically portrayed in the context of the series canon. I care about the ladies themselves, and how they could be using their characters to make a case for their real life values and priorities. Like, if it wasn't for Rose's (perfectly valid - she's not obliged to please anyone) "fuck off" attitude I bet she could write a brilliant extended episode/film that involves and focuses on a conflict between Paige and Phoebe based on their real world differences (and how that fits in a world with magic). But for that to happen Alyssa and Rose would need to confront one another and find a way to co-exist (at least marginally) peacefully, even just on-paper and on-set which seems impossible at the moment. Likewise with the other two...

    Not sure anyone else would be here for it but, as I said I just care for the ladies themselves and what their roles in Charmed mean to them (and how the roles could serve them), not the story as told in the show (or the particular tone the show had back then which would be irrelevant now). Verges on reality TV I guess, but I see it more as these ladies having such a powerful tool in their hands/platform at their disposal for telling the stories they want to tell and portray whatever they want to portray and create whatever opportunities they want for interacting with each other in a safe set-up/space.

    are the superheroes, and the show's legacy is there to serve them, not the other way around. I hope they know this.

    Maybe they should have made a 4-part about how the four went their separate ways in a continuity where they all survived and kept their magic? Who knows. (Would anyone even fund such things?)
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  6. I'm rewatching the series for the first time in a while and whew, the one-two punch of The Wendigo and From Fear To Eternity is perfect.
  7. The Barbas episodes are some of my favorites of the entire series!
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  8. I go back and forth on Barbas. Sometimes I find Billy Drago’s performance a little too hammy, then other times I love the way he plays off the sisters. They use that dynamic well in his later appearances (his season 5 appearance is my favourite Barbas ep!).

    Separately I’m really loving my rewatch of the series on Blu-ray. The conversion of what I’ve seen so far has been amazing. It’s an absolute shame the same level of care wasn’t taken with Buffy. I can’t bring myself to watch the streaming version of that and default back to my box sets. Charmed on the other hand looks incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the standard version!
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  9. there are so many great episodes in Season 1. I love The Truth Is Out There and Which Prue Is It Anyway.

    I’m watching on Prime (even though I own it all on DVD), and the music changes are upsetting. I’m guessing there were clearance issues, but it’s sad as I discovered some of my favourite songs ever watching this show.
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  10. Good to see her admit to her part in the split, its always been very bias against Shannen and focused on her being the big bad.

    If only we could have a reunion. I just know its never ever going to happen due to Alyssa and Rose though. Just cant see that relationship ever being cordial ever again.
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  11. I’m season 4 of my blu-ray rewatch, and one thing I noticed is how well the series transitioned Piper to the eldest sister role. Paige’s introduction was handled well for the most part, despite some clumsiness, but one of the great things to come from the shake-up was that change in the sibling dynamic, though I don’t think Phoebe remained as likeable as she was before.
  12. Phoebe's character was always a bit all over the place. She was the sister that least deserved an advice column.
  13. [​IMG]
    how I cackled

    I liked season 1-3 Phoebe, I loved season 4 Phoebe… yeah that’s about it
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  14. When I think of how annoying the characters can be, I always think of Obscurus Lupa's Charmed review series, which I recommend. Because she really points out all of Charmed's glaring issues and plotholes that I was too naive to ever notice when I first watched the series.

    Or you can just watch this compilation of her giving all the characters naggy voices, which cracks me up every time.
  15. Holly's "Piper" was fabulous start to finish. I miss her.
  16. I still need to slog through the rest of the Charmed reboot. I'm still midway through season 1. I'd like to catch up before March when the new season starts.
  17. I’ve been re-watching Charmed on prime. I haven’t watched Seasons 7 & 8 since they were first broadcast because I didn’t really enjoy them.

    season 7 is better than I remember it but season 8 is mostly awful and Christy is the single worst thing that ever appeared in Charmed. Poor storyline and bad acting. Her angry face is like a sulking toddler.
  18. Billie and Christy were the death knell (I know there were other things at play) of Charmed.
  19. Season 8 should never have happened. Or at least it should've been a shortened season (as the series finale is much more satisfying than Season 7) - no Billie, absolutely NO Christy, (I will allow Coop because damn), use their budget to pay for Brian Krause's salary, having everything be more low key (less FX, absolutely no theme episodes) and focusing on closing storylines and the Halliwell family.

    Kind of retconning the series back to being three sisters who were witches with homemade magic instead of the superhero vibe they were going for.
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  20. Totally agree.
    The whole Billie Christy next generation of witches stuff was just awful.
    The early season 1 episode about the Pyromancer witch who gets mad at her aunt (who later goes on to play Elise at the newspaper) was a way better done "taking care of a younger witch who is dealing with some shit" storyline than all of Season 8.
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