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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I love that episode. And of course Aviva was played by HRH Danielle Harris.
  2. I love Kaley Cuoco now, but I disliked her for years just because of that terrible season 8.
  3. Absolutely. I will never get over the fact that these two newbie witches suddenly were an actual threat to the sisters, who had clocked in hundreds of hours of witchcraft.
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  4. Dddd I remember loving season 8.
  5. I really loved the darker tone of the first 3 seasons. It was so overly goofy in the last few. It was like any excuse to have the sisters - especially Phoebe- in a sexy outfit or costume.
    I'd really give anything to have more of those first couple seasons style and tone.
  6. I actually did too and can still enjoy it although definitely can now see why Billie was so hated. Kaley Cuoco was probably not the best casting choice either. The Kill Billie Vol 2 episode is a bit iconic to me though.
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  7. I’ll never get used to the fact that How Soon Is Now is not in the re-runs. It was such an essential part of the show.

    Currently rewatching the entire series, some thoughts:

    - Some of the sisters (Piper and especially Phoebe) were much more likeable when they were single. I suddenly remember why I hated Cole back in the day: Phoebe was so obsessed with him and completely lost her spark. Also, one of the things I liked about season 1 was the general lack of Leo. I didn’t mind him as a character, but the Piper/Leo pairing was so dull!
    - Morality Bites remains my favourite episode (along with All Hell Breaks Loose), I think. The fact that 2009 was “the future” makes me feel so old! Makes me wish that the show had never jumped the shark and continued until 2009, it would have been a great opportunity to do something with the Cal Greene/Nathaniel Pratt plot again.
    - Shannen Doherty. An icon.
  8. I think they have to cut some P3 club performances now too which is weird. Like music was such an integral part of the show, it's lame that licenses just end like that.

    I liked Piper and Leo together, But I think some of the stories they are doing with Harry on the nuCharmed (From the half a season I have watched) have been more interesting than most of what they did with Leo. I liked them together, but I wish Leo had more story if he was going to be around as much as he was.

    As far as Phoebe and Cole, I actually loved them together. The 100th Episode, "Centennial Charmed" where Cole becomes an Avatar and erases Paige from ever having been the fourth sister, Meanwhile normal timeline Paige runs around and sees how life for the others would've been had Prue died and never been replaced was a fun time. It was a good episode for all the characters and a fitting end for Cole all together. Might be my favorite episode actually.
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  9. It was a great choice to make Paige the center of the 100th episode, not the obvious choice but it worked so well.
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  10. Seeing Piper become a demon hunter in the wake of Prue's death in that episode was pretty fantastic.
  11. Season 3 and 4 remain ICONIC.
  12. 3 and 4 are god tier, followed by 2 and 1.

    Having just finished season 5 of my rewatch, I still feel like the first half of the season has some incredible episodes. The run from ‘The Eyes Have it’ to ‘A Witch in Time’ is fantastic, and the 100th episode is great too. I think it’s likely made better by Julian’s presence. Things take a nose dive after that, barring Sense and Sense Ability which managed to capture the more goofy, fun tone the show was going for at that point. Lucky Charmed and Nymphs are serious low points for the show, and Phoebe becomes a pretty awful character.
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  13. I had completely forgotten that Nick Lachey was in Charmed until my recent rewatch.

    Memorable, clearly. Though he’s nice to look at.
  14. I had such a crush on him... and on Victor Webster too, Alyssa really cannot complain at all.
  15. Victor Webster...

    ...yes, please.
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  16. They're establishing Kaela really well. Episode 4 was the best so far. I found it funny how they referenced that she's not a 'real' Charmed One and basically a puppet. I also like her power. Plus, no Jordan but especially no Harry to be found. That calls for a celebration. You know what's sad. The last scene of the episode had a sisterly bonding moment and those severely lacked in all 3 previous seasons. It's a real shame. Because like the OG show those moments were the absolute best. And I have to admit that I don't miss Macy.
  17. I usually hate it when shows try to shoehorn new characters in, but after a couple of episodes I've warmed to Kaela.
  18. It doesn't hurt that they turned Macy into a bit of a drag. All three sisters had a lot of baggage so they needed someone new to come in to bring some youthful fun. Hopefully the other two will lighten up a little over time too.
  19. Its bizarre how this thread mixes original and reboot Charmed.
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  20. It’s sad we will never get a reunion of the original charmed ladies , even a sit down 1 hour special would have been nice but I think too much has happened . What I can never understand is why on all the forums is Holly so loved ? I mean what Shannen said about her is pretty damming .
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