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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. They were close for a while but what did Shannen say regarding Holly?
  2. It was speculated that Shannen and Holly fell out after Shannen's cancer diagnosis. I think it was on Chelsea Handler where Shannen said that "she'd lost some long-time friends as she wasn't fun anymore" saying that it was almost like ending a marriage. After seeing that they'd unfollowed each other, the fans put two and two together and theorized that that was the reason. That was around late 2016 if I recall correctly.

    Back in 2020, Holly appeared on Tammin Sursok's podcast and admitted that they weren't in touch anymore, saying that they reached a point where they got "too close" but had good things to say about her, so who knows!
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  3. I wonder what Rose is up to these days. Completely absent from social media since the end of 2021.
  4. Right, but also Shannen said the stance she didn't appreciate was that it was a person who didn't want Shannen to be so focused on the fact that she was ill, trying to tell her not to keep thinking and talking about it etc. This is, in my opinion, well-meaning behaviour, but only welcome if this is what the person who is ill wants for themselves. If that isn't what they want it is harmful and disrespectful, and a good reason for Shannen to want to break ties, but the intention behind it can still be good, so I do not see how we are supposed to judge Holly for it. She fucked up and lost a friend for it. Isn't that enough? If I recall correctly Shannen never said Holy literally used the words "you are not fun any more." I may be wrong though.
  5. Ironically the new season is the best out of all four and I'm worried it's going to get cancelled. The episode order was only 13 and that's a bad sign. But I understand they were afraid of the risk of adding another "sister" into the mix and how the audience would respond.

    I have to say;

    They finally feel like real sisters. Kaela adds a dynamic that was missing with Macy. They finally have those sisterly bonding moments that were far and few between. There basically weren't any with Macy, as Maggie and Mel did their own thing. The Power of Three was barely prominent.

    You obviously can't compare these new sisterly bonding moments with the ones on the OG show, but I appreciate what we get very much.

    The new showrunners apparently also admitted that the last three seasons were horrible and they had to fix a lot of things. That's the reason why we suddenly get these sisterly bonding moments. Madeleine left because the focus shifted too much towards Abigael and she noticed that the sisterhood let alone the Power of Three was non-existent.

    Also these three actresses have decent chemistry together. Lucy Barrett added some needed flavor.

  6. Good to see Alyssa doing cons finally. I'd absolutely die to see her and Shannen do one together. That would be such a full circle moment.

    I'm happy that her fave season is either 1 or 2, I really expected her to say 3 or 4.

    Mahahaha at her chanting The Power of 3 spell btw "We need smoke"...
  7. The behind the scenes drama repeating itself for the reboot is wild.
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  8. Yeah that's really good to see her doing these Cons.
    She came across as very personable which is great to see, plus she was always really pretty
    but wow, she looks so beautiful.
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  9. Some theme nostalgia for today. Loved her take on it.
  10. Welp, The CW cancelled like 7 series this week... And Charmed got the axe. RIP, once again.
  11. Yikes, they really went town on their schedule! Not surprising given then changes at the network but I’ll still miss this version, despite its teething issues. Lucy Barrett was a great addition, too. It’s a shame she only got one season.
  12. This franchise really deserves better.
  13. I'm going to need new weekly fixes of something, as in addition to watching the Charmed reboot (which took a while but had got really going!) I am addicted to Legacies and Batwoman, and try to keep up with Legends of Tomorrow and the Roswell reboot.

    Sigh. Still, maybe the CW casting directors will rehire the better actors during the next couple of years, and when I'm an old man in the late 2030s or early 2040s I can watch the re-re-boot.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Damn. They also cancelled Roswell, New Mexico.

    TBH I think the originals were both better, but it sucks that it looks like both were finding their footing and now this. Shame.
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  15. I'm really glad how they revealed Kaela's relation to Mel and Maggie, because Macy donated her stem cells and bsasically saved her life. They're bonded sisters. I hoped it would be explained in this way and luckily they did.
  16. I wasn’t a fan but I’m surprised the CW didn't renew it for a short 5th season to get it past 80 episodes which I believe is the current number required for syndication.
  17. Paramount & Warner Bros are trying to sell The CW so the goal isn't to make money from the shows anymore - it's to make the network cheaper for new buyers to run by reducing the number of scripted original shows.

    The shows also no longer go to Netflix - they'll be going to The CW's parent companies' streaming services: Paramount+ or HBO Max. Without the Netflix deal, though, there's no money to keep low-rated streaming favourites like Dynasty or even Charmed going.
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