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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

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    @RainOnFire go ahead and put me down for the Mitski Discography Rate.

    See y'all soon.

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  3. Well I already fucked up. Because I forgot about "All I Need Is An Angel" from the Grease: Live soundtrack. So I decided to say "fuck it" and add that, her cover of Don't Speak and the remix of Curiosity (which I actually can't remember why I left it off this post in the first place, since it's in my initial document for inclusion) to the list, to make it 113 songs, which I like as a number personally because 13 is my lucky number. This is what it looks like now, and no more changes will happen:
    Dear You (2004)
    01. Dear You
    02. To Be Without You
    03. In My Bedroom

    Tug Of War (2008)
    01. Bucket
    02. Tug Of War
    03. Money & The Ego
    04. Tell Me
    05. Heavy Lifting
    06. Sunshine On My Shoulders
    07. Worldly Matters
    08. Sweet Talker
    09. Hotel Shampoos
    10. Sour Candy
    11. I Still Wonder

    Curiosity (2012)
    01. Curiosity
    02. Picture
    03. Talk To Me
    04. Just A Step Away
    05. Both Sides Now

    Kiss (2012)
    01. Tiny Little Bows
    02. This Kiss
    03. Call Me Maybe
    04. Curiosity (Remix)
    05. Good Time (with Owl City)
    06. More Than A Memory
    07. Turn Me Up
    08. Hurt So Good
    09. Beautiful (Feat. Justin Bieber)
    10. Tonight I'm Getting Over You
    11. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
    12. Your Heart Is A Muscle
    13. Drive
    14. Wrong Feels So Right
    15. Sweetie
    16. I Know You Have A Girlfriend
    17. Almost Said It
    18. Melt With You

    E•MO•TION (2015)
    01. Run Away With Me
    02. E•MO•TION
    03. I Really Like You
    04. Gimmie Love
    05. All That
    06. Boy Problems
    07. Making The Most Of The Night
    08. Your Type
    09. Let's Get Lost
    10. LA Hallucinations
    11. Warm Blood
    12. When I Needed You
    13. Black Heart
    14. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
    15. Favourite Colour
    16. Never Get To Hold You
    17. Love Again

    E•MO•TION Side B (2016)
    01. Cut To The Feeling
    02. First Time
    03. Higher
    04. The One
    05. Fever
    06. Body Language
    07. Cry
    08. Store
    09. Roses

    Dedicated (2019)
    01. Julien
    02. No Drug Like Me
    03. Now That I Found You
    04. Want You In My Room
    05. Everything He Needs
    06. Happy Not Knowing
    07. I'll Be Your Girl
    08. Too Much
    09. The Sound
    10. Automatically In Love
    11. Feels Right (Feat. Electric Guest)
    12. Right Words Wrong Time
    13. Real Love
    14. For Sure
    15. Party For One

    Dedicated Side B (2020)
    01. This Love Isn't Crazy
    02. Window
    03. Felt This Way
    04. Stay Away
    05. This Is What They Say
    06. Heartbeat
    07. Summer Love
    08. Fake Mona Lisa
    09. Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
    10. Comeback (Feat. Bleachers)
    11. Solo
    12. Now I Don't Hate California After All
    13. Let's Be Friends
    14. Always On My Mind

    Change For You (with The Midway State)
    Let It Snow
    Where Did We Go? (with Andrew Allen)
    Take A Picture
    Part Of Your World
    Rest From The Streets (with A Friend In London)
    Last Christmas
    Shadow (with Bleachers)
    Super Natural (with Danny L Harle)
    Everywhere You Look
    Love Me Like That (with The Knocks)
    All I Need Is An Angel
    Better Than Me (with Blood Orange)
    It Takes Two (with Mike Will Made It & Lil Yachty)
    Trouble In The Streets (with BC Unidos)
    Backseat (with Charli XCX)
    OMG (with Gryffin)
    Lalala (Remix) (with Y2K, bbno$ & Enrique Iglesias)
    Don't Speak
  4. So if it's up for grabs can I put myself forward for a Britney Spears rate? I'm finished with Jamelia so I don't have any outstanding rates to finish.
  5. Nn I was literally just about to sign up for the Britney rate!
  6. Don't know how or why, but it popped up to me today that I would love to host a Fleur East discography rate sometime (obviously, after I finish the current rate, as well as the upcoming No Doubt one). I even compiled all the potential songs.
    Would anyone be up for that to happen in the distant future?
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's indeed up for grabs - I had @orbison down for it, but he hasn't logged on since November (hopefully he's okay).

    The two of you could co-host if that interests you. Although @nikkysan I still have you down for the Nelly Furtado rate, did you want to be removed from that?
  8. Yeah I’ve lost interest in the Nelly rate, I don’t think I’d do her justice.
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  9. In that case, I hope @pop3blow2 will give it a shot in the future if no one else does.
  10. I can put Queen Nelly on my radar. I'm doing M2M+ this year & then I had a couple of uniquely themed 'quick rates' in the planning stage.

    Nelly would be special to do.... but like @nikkysan said, I would need to be a mindset to do her justice. She's a pretty big deal in my pop experience. Certainly if someone else wants to do Nelly, I'm ready to rate her!
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  11. *Nelly radar goes off*

    What if... I propose to co-host the Nelly rate? No earlier than the next year tho, my current rate will leave me burnt out for a while nn. I definitely won't do another rate wholly on my own. If @pop3blow2 is interested of course. I can provide numbers and some artworks but I'd rather jump from my balcony than doing not do extensive write-ups again. I'm a visual gay, not Madame X on her typewriter.

    Again, just a thought, I might easily change my mind nn
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  12. Yeah, this could be a great option. We can file this away as a potential collab. I would certainly have no problem hammering out some walls of text about Nelly.

    If any other Nelly fans step up in the interim and want to host, by all means, I'm fine with that too. My rate ideas list is already pretty long.
  13. Love all the hosting collaborations happening here.
  14. What does sharing a rate even look like? I'm not sure nn.
  15. Like THIS and THIS.
  16. And most of the Big Pop Girl rates as well.
  17. I am also down for voting in any rendition of a Nelly Furtado rate.
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  18. Would it be okay if I did Britney on my own? Only that I'd feel more comfortable doing it alone, it's a lot of work and I feel like sharing things would get tricky,
  19. @RainOnFire "Fastlove" won the George Michael rate
  20. I could've sworn @nikkysan volunteered ages ago for Britney?
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