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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Dddd it's my redemption arc!
  2. ohnostalgia

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  3. aux


    Not at the moment. They were just ideas I didn't plan on hosting until late in the year or next year, as I definitely need a break from hosting rates. To be honest, hosting The Robyn Rate and The Halsey Rate at such short intervals did a number on me a bitsy.

    As much as I love hosting rates, I always find that my enjoyment of the site as a whole diminishes slightly because I can only focus on that rate. I also found that I didn't have as much prep work with Halsey as I did with Robyn, which meant the rate took a bigger toll on me than Robyn did even if it had a shorter song list.

    As for why I'm going with Taylor Swift for my next endeavour... At the end of the day, running a Taylor Swift rate was always on my mind. My original idea was to host it myself in 2021 whenever the re-recordings happened and registrations re-opened. Now, we have folklore which I think has genuine potential of changing the order of eliminations.

    As @ohnostalgia pointed out, there's many reasons why this is happening next year, but there is another one. I want it to be the best rate I've ever hosted, with tons of guest eliminations from other Swifties and have it be a full celebration of Taylor's catalogue - something that I found myself feeling when I read through the most recent rate. For it to match the level of excellence that rate was, I want to make sure we can take our time with every single graphic and write-up, making sure we have everything ready and up-to-standard before it starts.

    Right now, the current hosting team would be me and @Petty Mayonnaise, who was originally going to co-host the most recent Taylor rate. He is an icon of the forum who is flat-out hilarious and always sharp. Most importantly, he is someone who shares the same passion I share for Taylor. It's also a great redemption arc and a nice full circle moment for Pettricia. I should mention, another forum legend might join the hosting team, but their involvement on the rate depends on how they feel about the workload closer to the rate.

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  4. I just want to say what an honor, nay, a privilege it is to be able to take this project on with my dearest @aux. One of my biggest regrets on the forum to this day is the way I spiraled and left the forum before the last Taylor rate. Truthfully I thought It would be much longer before this opportunity would come again, and even though we're still a ways away from this beginning, I'm thrilled to take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of the most formative discographies of my life.

    me and @aux both sending @ohnostalgia messages about the rate this morning before ultimately deciding to join forces:
  5. ohnostalgia

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    My rate was actually the second Taylor rate. @Lost In Japan. ran the first one.
  6. Date is decided. Who's excited for Raty Perry?
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  7. Yeah, I'm ready. Scratch that, baby, I'm perched.
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  8. The avatars on this page I-
  9. 2014

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    I would love to do a Haim one x
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  10. You should! I volunteered to pick it up if no one else wanted it but if you're interested go for it cause I don't think i'm ready to host another rate any time soon.

    What do you think about the song list I proposed?
  11. 2014

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    It's great! I've always adored this too so might sneak it in

    I'll properly investigate into the songlist when I know I've got it secured dd - thank you so much though!
  12. ohnostalgia

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    You’re signed up for Haim. I’m putting them as C-List for now. I don’t think they’re quite an A-List group on the forum.
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  14. I'm really excited for the Joni Mitchell rate because I'm only familiar with one studio album and one compilation.
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’m working with @londonrain and some of the rate hosts to put together September’s schedule. Right now I’m mostly looking at song list lengths to decide, as that was the main feedback I got from the survey. I don’t want too many long rates running at the same time, especially ones that overlap in audience. I’ve contacted a second rate host to find out if they want to run in September.
  16. Lila

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    I don’t know what compilation you listened to, but a really lovely project she did a few years ago was a four CD box set with songs arranged thematically as a ballet. The whole thing exists as a playlist on Spotify (although I’ve just realised it isn’t in order...) and is a really lovely listen and especially good as a precursor for the rate because it includes some deep cuts. The track listings as they are on the CDs are on her website along with the full liner notes from the booklet.


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I made playlists of my own for this exact reason ddd.

  18. Do it
    Come on!
    Yeah yeah
    Gettin' funky in here
    Now here we go
    Ah come on
    Ha, ha
    Ah come on


  19. The rate rentrée is looking more and more promising

  20. londonrain

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