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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I know this is probably even more low-key than Kumi, but would anyone be interested in a Nyusha rate? A compilation rate with other Russian artists would probably fare better overall, I just don't follow Russian music, like, at all, dddd.

    Still, look at the material.

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  2. Always interested in a Foreign Language Rate (especially in a language underrepresented on the forum) - how many songs would this include?
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  3. Since she has only 3 studio albums and a handful of extra tracks, we're looking at a list of 47 songs currently.
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  4. Definitely doable - count me in!
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  5. Mods, @eatyourself and I would like to delay the ionnalee rate, please!
    We are going to be very busy with our current rates for the next two/three months.
  6. The winner of the Mitski discography rate has been revealed.

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  7. I've been contemplating running a Paloma Faith rate, want to gauge how much interest there would be? If there's enough I'll sign up to do it!
  8. I've been meaning to explore her discography, so I'd participate!
  9. I'm familiar with her entire discography, so of course I'd be up for a Paloma rate.
  10. Ready to be not like the other gays and give my 11 to Circus Of Your Mind.
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  11. I know I’m ineligible to put myself down for another rate just yet but, anyone who thinks they would vote in a Moloko + Róisín Murphy rate should like this post!
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  12. That's decided. @ohnostalgia @londonrain I'd like to be added to the queue to host the Paloma Faith rate. I have a rough song list set up which I'll share later for feedback. It will be all the albums plus select extras.

    @Verandi I had never heard of the song until I started looking deeper into her releases yesterday! Don't worry it will be included.

    @Maki has kindly offered to be my back-up host.
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  13. I was actually just listening to Statues the other day and thinking how it'd be great if someone did a Moloko rate. Definitely very here for this.
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  14. The Dollar rate is now OPEN. Once this is completed the rate I would like to tackle next is Madness UK Singles rate 1979-1999 excluding re-releases unless remixed.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    In case you haven't heard yet, over in the K-Pop subforum, the KARA rate deadline has been extended to MAY 31ST!!! Please come participate!!!!!!!1!!! please I'm desperate for voters


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  16. ONE WEEK to Beatles rate, ladies and gentlemen!


    There's a few bits of additional writing, personal reflections and so on that I'll be tacking onto this as well, I've got some ideas in my head for that. So if you have any suggestions in that regard, or just want to come along to celebrate some iconic music, or get a bit more insight, or just laugh at me... y'know, join the rate and have fun!
  17. No disrespect to any other rates, including my own, but it's been a while since we've had a potential big forum-moment like this rate could invoke. Looking forward to it.


    Also, holy hell is there a lot of K-pop rates 'running' right now. Do they even stagger the start of rates over there, haha?
  18. Half of those are just going very slow or are on a hiatus currently. There is a schedule for new ones with only 2 rates tops starting out each month.
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