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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Yes, some of the K-Pop rates listed near the top of the “Eliminations in Progress” section are ones on hiatus. I leave them up because I don’t want to forget to add the rate to our list when it eventually finishes (Not every Kpop host comes here to post the winner).
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  2. I actually cannot wait for the Britney rate ya’ll.
  3. So for my next rate (nu metal) there will a different guest voter as I just got confirmation from them that they'd vote. You've probably seen me mention my best friend throughout my high school/college years, especially if you voted in the Gamejustice countdown years ago when I mentioned them in many commentaries for several of the video games on my list. In other rates I've mentioned them too, the one where we always hung out playing Halo, playing Magic the Gathering, etc. at their house, well we were usually blasting this music 24/7 so to say we've both heard each song in the rate 1,000+ times each is not an overestimation. They have a username they've used most of their life for everything like Xbox much like mine and he's called 'Twitch Mo'.
  4. Someone should really run a London Grammar discography rate.
  5. We've mentioned this earlier, but does anyone want to host Evanescence rate?
    I really need to get into their music as soon as possible.
  6. I can't host one any time soon, but I would love to participate in one.
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  8. Yes please!!!

  9. One last promo post and then I promise I'll STOP



  10. Oh Lord, the Britney rate will be an event, and I'm glad other people are feeling it, even the non-stans.

    That said, I've been bopping to Pretty Girls lately and plotting how to block any antis rating it below 6.0 xx
  11. @RainOnFire @ohnostalgia @londonrain

    As of now, the Beatles rate is now officially



    (image links to the thread)

    I'm a bit nervous about this one, being my first single-artist rate... but man, I'm also excited for it. Come one, come all!
  12. This teaser was a Chef's Kiss!
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  13. The winner of the xx Discography rate has been revealed:

    "On Hold"
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  14. The finalists for the PJ 12 Points Eurovision 2021 rate has been revealed.

  15. Count me in for the Britney rate too please @Holly Something!

    Only songs I'm not very familiar with are most of the album tracks from the first 3 albums...
    ...I'm ready to give my 11 to Autumn Goodbye, however x

  16. Honestly, fully expecting you to stan Oops and Britney.

    I can't fucking wait for this.
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