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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Evermore
    Happier Than Ever
    Planet Her
    If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power
    Solar Power
    (+ The Moonlight Edition of Future Nostalgia)

    Would be such a campy and iconic lineup but I understand that it would be such a big task for everyone involved and probably can't be done. So I expect the last 3 to be cut, since they are not exactly BPG records.
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  2. R27


    I love the BPG rate (in fact it was one of the main reasons I joined the forum), but the thought of having to listen to an album with songs that involve Dr. Luke leave a sour taste in my mouth (no pun intended).
  3. It pains me to say, but right now Halsey is much more of a BPG than Lorde and Kacey. Also, weren't the Moonlight Edition tracks absolute trash bar Fever?
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  4. I understand your point but this is not a Kim Petras situation where the artist actively chooses to work with him. Doja is basically trapped into that situation and she's not proud of working with him either. I don't think blocking her like she's some problematic artist would be fair.
  5. I really don’t feel like Solar Power is a BPG record.
  6. Maybe for the first time in Drag Race Herstery BPG history a man should be included, because let’s be real, the biggest pop moment of the year is MONTERO.
  7. BPSG (Big Pop Somewhat Girls)
  8. I’m… not excited about the idea of rating Doja Cat nn

    evermore vs Sour vs Happier Than Ever vs Solar Power vs If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power seems like a solid lineup.

    Including Kacey also feels like a stretch? She hasn’t had a massive mainstream hit unlike the others.
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  9. BPGG (Big Pop Girls and Gays)
  10. I will probably make another post in here between now and the rate starting, but it's still a month away. I just wanted to say that the Linkin Park and the Nu Metal Era Rate starts on October 11th. It should be fun, informative, and a breeze for any new listeners. All songs are singles and are massive hits in the genre plus there will only be 50 songs! Anyone can participate without much trouble! The breakdown is as follows:

    14 Linkin Park Singles
    6 System of a Down Singles
    30 High Charting/Streaming/Important/Relevant other Nu Metal Singles with each band getting one or two songs.
  11. Oh, happy to see this is opening sooner than I thought!

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  12. If you'd like to put together a Youtube list for me in the next month, I'd really appreciate it. If there's an HD option for any of them I will take them, because I know alot of times bands from back in that era like to have a 're-mastered' version of their music video so they look cleaner today. Otherwise, I trust you know what you're doing as the resident Youtube playlist expert.

    Linkin Park
    One Step Closer
    With You
    Points of Authority
    In the End
    Somewhere I Belong
    Lying From You
    Breaking the Habit
    From the Inside

    System of a Down
    Chop Suey!
    Lonely Day

    Other Nu Metal Headliners
    Adema / Giving In
    Alien Ant Farm / Movies
    Chevelle / The Red
    Coal Chamber / Loco
    Crazy Town / Butterfly
    Deftones / My Own Summer (Shove It)
    Deftones / Change (In the House of Flies)
    Disturbed / Down With the Sickness
    Disturbed / Stricken
    Drowning Pool / Bodies
    Godsmack / Awake
    Hoobastank / Crawling in the Dark
    Ill Niño / What Comes Around

    Incubus / Pardon Me
    Incubus / Drive
    Korn / Freak on a Leash
    Korn / Falling Away From Me
    Limp Bizkit / Break Stuff
    Limp Bizkit / Rollin'
    Papa Roach / Last Resort
    P.O.D. / Alive
    Rammstein / Du Hast
    Rob Zombie / Dragula
    Saliva / Click Click Boom
    Sevendust / Praise
    Slipknot / Wait and Bleed
    Staind / It's Been Awhile
    Static-X / Push It
    Taproot / Poem
    TRUSTCompany / Downfall
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  13. The UK Ladies #1s of the 2010s has come to an end!

    You can check the mess results HERE.

    With that, I'd like to be added to the queue once again. I'll run a rate for the UK Ladies #2s and #3s of the 2010s! Apparently I can't get enough of the past decade. Xo!​
  14. There's still time to join the Paloma Faith Rate! The deadline is 1st October with a probable 1 week extension.

    @Maki and I are also hosting weekly Watch2Gether sessions, as follows;
    Every Saturday at 8 PM BST
    18th: Perfect Contradiction
    25th: The Architect
    2nd: Infinite Things

    Please come and join the fun!
  15. A BPG 2021 rate without Doja would be stupid. Honestly we need a Q4 savior because that's the most anemic BPG line-up since... 2017.
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  16. I mean, all the albums being discussed are good/great. Even if Taylor ends up being the only "veteran" big pop girl present, it's still a very solid line-up.
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  17. I agree that they're all good (varying degrees), but there's, like... mostly a lack of energy and sometimes qualifications. It's giving Big Alt-Pop Girl. It's giving "u ok girls?" ... Not to be a part of the "where are the bops?" crowd dd. I don't think Solar Power should even qualify tbh. Even Halsey's (amazing) album is weird because its impact feels extremely insular, but I get its predicted inclusion.

    MONTERO for the win!
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  18. If we go by number of streams (which is kind of relevant in 2021) Zara Larsson had tons more than a few of the names listed.

    Just throw her a song in the extras please.
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  19. There is a lack of the chaos factor in a certain way. Billie and Taylor are the only two solidly multi-era BPG status girls and their albums (while fabulous) aren’t typical Big Pop albums because of the emphasis on songwriting. Doja and Halsey are both artists who are less interested in having an imperial phase than building a lifelong fan base which, again, isn’t bad but makes for less fun for us! I think the forum is showing its age if it thinks Lorde, and especially Kacey, deserve a space over Olivia even if my 30 something ass hasn’t given SOUR a listen….

    like you said the best pop act is Lil Nas X, no debate

    EDIT: this is more just for my own enjoyment, I am positive @aux will give us a great list and a fabulous rate!
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