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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. The idea of a Janet rate, sounds like excellent stuff to me!
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  2. I promise this will be the last time I mention it, but @ohnostalgia giving me my 50,000th like on the forum when the whole reason I joined was her Taylor rate feels like a full circle moment.

    Anyway, to commemorate this special occasion, I'm going to post the absolutely finalized song list for my upcoming Carly rate to...yup! You guessed it! Milk more likes xx. And to build hype. Gotta get that promo in, now that I'm on the top of the A list.

    Tug Of War
    1. Bucket
    2. Tug Of War
    3. Money & The Ego
    4. Tell Me
    5. Heavy Lifting
    6. Sunshine On My Shoulders
    7. Worldly Matters
    8. Sweet Talker
    9. Hotel Shampoos
    10. Sour Candy (solo or feat. Josh Ramsay)
    11. I Still Wonder

    1. Curiosity
    2. Picture
    3. Talk To Me
    4. Just A Step Away
    5. Both Sides Now

    1. Tiny Little Bows
    2. This Kiss
    3. Call Me Maybe
    4. Curiosity (Remix)
    5. Good Time (with Owl City)
    6. More Than A Memory
    7. Turn Me Up
    8. Hurt So Good
    9. Beautiful (feat. Justin Bieber)
    10. Tonight I'm Getting Over You
    11. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
    12. Your Heart Is A Muscle
    13. Drive
    14. Wrong Feels So Right
    15. Sweetie
    16. I Know You Have A Girlfriend
    17. Almost Said It
    18. Melt With You

    1. Run Away With Me
    2. E•MO•TION
    3. I Really Like You
    4. Gimmie Love
    5. All That
    6. Boy Problems
    7. Making The Most Of The Night
    8. Your Type
    9. Let's Get Lost
    10. LA Hallucinations
    11. Warm Blood
    12. When I Needed You
    13. Black Heart
    14. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
    15. Favourite Colour
    16. Never Get To Hold You
    17. Love Again

    E•MO•TION: Side B
    1. Cut To The Feeling
    2. First Time
    3. Higher
    4. The One
    5. Fever
    6. Body Language
    7. Cry
    8. Store
    9. Roses

    1. Julien
    2. No Drug Like Me
    3. Now That I Found You
    4. Want You In My Room
    5. Everything He Needs
    6. Happy Not Knowing
    7. I'll Be Your Girl
    8. Too Much
    9. The Sound
    10. Automatically In Love
    11. Feels Right (feat. Electric Guest)
    12. Right Words Wrong Time
    13. Real Love
    14. For Sure
    15. Party For One

    Dedicated: Side B
    1. This Love Isn't Crazy
    2. Window
    3. Felt This Way
    4. Stay Away
    5. This Is What They Say
    6. Heartbeat
    7. Summer Love
    8. Fake Mona Lisa
    9. Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
    10. Comeback (feat. Bleachers)
    11. Solo
    12. Now I Don't Hate California After All
    13. Let's Be Friends
    14. Always On My Mind

    The Loneliest Time
    1. Surrender My Heart
    2. Joshua Tree
    3. Talking To Yourself
    4. Far Away
    5. Sideways
    6. Beach House
    7. Bends
    8. Western Wind
    9. So Nice
    10. Bad Thing Twice
    11. Shooting Star
    12. Go Find Yourself Or Whatever
    13. The Loneliest Time (feat. Rufus Wainwright)
    14. Anxious
    15. No Thinking Over The Weekend
    16. Keep Away

    Take A Picture
    Last Christmas
    OMG (with Gryffin)
    It's Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries
    Super Natural (with Danny L Harle)
    Ok on Your Own (with Mxmtoon)
    Part Of Your World
    Everywhere You Look
    Me & The Boys In The Band
    Shadow (with Bleachers)
    Love Me Like That (with The Knocks)
    Better Than Me (with Blood Orange)
    Trouble In The Streets (with BC Unidos)
    Backseat (with Charli XCX)
    It Takes Two (with Mike WiLL Made-It and Lil Yachty)
    Move Me (with Lewis OfMan)
    That's 123 songs full of pop magic. i look forward to everyone's ballots when the time comes!
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    By the way to answer the question about the winners rate, I think I am supposed to keep it updated but it’s honestly been the last thing on my mind. I heard some good news yesterday about something that has been weighing on my mind for two months, so my anxiety levels have decreased. I will do my best to update the spreadsheet within the next two weeks.

    Also if there is anyone who is able to help me finish the Beatles rate, can you please message me?
  4. Seeing a rate called ''BOPS'' with an Alexandra listed, only to find out that it isn't Ms Burke?

  5. fff I was wondering if/when this would come up. Sadly Alexandra Burke didn't fit because her first two albums came out in 2009 and 2012, and the rate covers 2013-2022. Maybe if we do a 2003-2012 sequel...
  6. Then change the eligibility period.
  7. Just wanted to note that you could easily swap any occurrence of the word Saxobeat with Robsolete. (Even though that is not an eligible bop either…)
  8. Just how many 10s will I give...

  9. Alexandra STAN is one of my favs though, so she won't be going anywhere or swapped for anyone. xx

    Also, the original rate idea started with Alexnadra, Inna, Bebe, Rita, and Ava as a Balkan region rates so that's why it's her.

    Besides, @Robsolete is already going to murder anyone who disrespects Rita, do we need anymore bloodshed in the rate dd?
  10. Probably still less than me haha.
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  11. Alexandra Burke deserves a solo rate of her own at some point.
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  12. The Beyoncé rate is officially over! Thanks for letting me run it, it has been an absolute blast!
    Here's the winning song...
    SCORE: 9.775
    TOTAL POINTS: 293.25

  13. Coming in the first quarter of 2023.....


    The Sandra 80s/90s Rate.....

    Classic after classic after classic.....
  14. On the one hand I'm very hyped for this, on the other hand I'm sad I most definitely won't be able to enter her in PJRetro again now dd
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  15. She's been ineligible for some time now.... About 25 pages of discussion(s)
  16. Someone best do another Relaxed Round quick so Dalida/Sandra can face off one last time! <333
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  17. Who??
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  18. That’s Huddy’s joke ddd
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  19. It... was not a joke
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