Charts & Rates Queue

It's a shame that the Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize rates have been abandoned. Maybe someone would consider picking up hosting the next part?
Really sorry about this - I took a bit of a break from the forum and am currently too busy at work to even think about running a rate. I would also be sad not to see them go ahead, so if anyone wanted to co-host the other parts I would be more than happy!
The first Jessie rate being on the C list (if I recall correctly) but this one being on the A list

@ohnostalgia please put me down for a Jessie Ware re-rate. 2 albums and a deluxe since the last one, and with a complete PJ Forum revamp, That! Feels Warranted! Here's our last winner;

(the way she must have seen my rate results and went 'I know what my fans deserve') xx

I almost cried! The first rate was one of my absolute favorites, can I request a separate ranking from the first rate participants? I’m afraid of what someone who 11s Shake the Bottle will score Kind of…Sometimes… Maybe
Speaking of Eurovision, the later than usual rate has now opened for votes. It will be ranking the whole 37 this time, so the more voters reading here, the better.

Greetings fellow PJ Eurovision Lovers!

I've (just about) recovered from a week immersed in all things Eurovision up in Liverpool, and so now it's time to get on with the main event - finding your 2023 PJ Eurovision winner!

Last year the incredible Chanel claimed victory for Spain for the 2nd time, but who will be her successor?

Seeing as the contest is already over, and I'm massively late starting this, this year, we're doing a straight battle royale between all 37 entries - that's right no semi-finals for us this year!

Send me a PM with your top 10 of all the entries this year, and we'll count up all the votes and see who the overall winner is.

I'm imagining that 2 weeks is probably enough time for everyone to vote, so get your votes into me by 23:59 UK Time on Friday 2nd June 2023 and then that weekend I'll reveal the results.


Much love x