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Cheer (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ladygagaogaga, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. I’ve finally started and, god, I missed this shit. Monica remains legitimately iconic. And I can’t wait to Doberman stan Gabi after watching all her SMOED years.
  2. The Weenies are giving me…. Homophobic energy
  3. I'm American and even I'm not 100% sure! My guess is it has to do with credit hours, and someone could extended their time at a junior college by only taking 1 or 2 classes a semester.
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  4. Did anyone else clock the Joanne Trattoria glass in episode 4? Is Monica a Gaga stan?
  5. Gabi is lowkey a cheer legend and I think just does whatever she wants at this point. She’s like the cheer equivalent of Serena Williams.

    As for community colleges, yeah, actual completion times are often much longer than two years. Community college students are more likely than 4-year students to work FT jobs while attending school, so a couple credits semester is relatively common. Also completion rates in general are like 10%. The general vibe and structure is much looser than a “traditional” 4-year.
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  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I was initially on the fence about watching this because I thought it'd be a Tiger King thing where one season was enough and no one needed another, but thankfully I realized the error of my ways and watched it because it was just as dramatic and captivating as Season 1. This show is so well put-together.

    However, I will say that I finished watching with a sense of sadness. I feel like the show has maybe caused an amount of stress that wasn't there before, but none of them seemed to acknowledge it. Maybe it was because people like Morgan didn't get their final moment under the sun, or the Jerry stuff, La'Darius falling out with Monica, Maddy clearly being set up for a meltdown in Episode 3 when she was moved off the flying stunt, them literally talking about not feeling like a unit just days before Daytona... I don't know. I felt uneasy when it all wrapped up.

    I most definitely will watch if there's a Season 3, but part of me kinda hopes they're all just left alone to continue their lives as normal (or as normal as it can be).
  7. I'm halfway through season 2 and I honestly think this is the best sports documentary of all time. It says so much more about sports (e.g., what they mean to people), athleticism, teamwork, coaching, and fame than and other sport doc I've ever seen. The coaching B-story involving Monica, the assistant coaches, and, at times, La'Darius is fascinating.
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  8. I agree, the way almost everyone involved had some shit going on in their personal life - whether it's an awful childhood, coming out to their family, broken families, overbearing parents - and they portrayed it all so well.

    The other sports documentary that does something similar is Last Chance U - watched the first two seasons and loved it for the same reasons.
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  9. I haven’t seen Last Chance U but can imagine the content and similarities.

    I meant to mention this in the last post but forgot, but I think what distinguishes Cheer from most sports docs is how it centers a female-dominated—really, feminine-dominated—sport. So we get all this insight and commentary into gender and sexuality in addition to race and class (like I imagine Last Chance U covers). Like the little nod to Navarro being “gay” and Trinity Valley being “straight” was so interesting and, in a weird way, obvious and would never get discussed in a basketball doc, for example.

    I’m rambling, but Cheer reminds me of Paris is Burning in that it operates full steam at both the structural and individual levels. They are stories about class, race, whatever but also the deeply moving motivations and humanity of each individual character.
  10. Sorry for the double post but Angel Rice and Gabi were teammates. I think they even lived together at one point. Surprised they didn’t mention that.

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  11. Wow at Gabi having blonde curls??

    Yeah there's a few things I've seen pop up on twitter like how apparently Navarro and TVCC are literally the only competitors in their division which is why second place is so upsetting cause its last.
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  12. Gabi giving an Ariana/Jesy transformation ddd.

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  13. That first pic is wild, but to be fair she also used to look like this. There are more photos like this but they border on creepy given the uniforms kids wear.

  14. The first pic is giving blackface, damn.
  15. Not the straights winning and Trophy losing. Rigga Morris!!
  16. I’m still watching season 2 at the moment but oh my god episode 4 was some stressful and devastating watching ever. God this season is so good!!!
  17. I’m selling this show to anyone that will listen at the moment. I’m hooked! Season 2 is MAD I think it’s so real and clever to actually include the showbiz aftermath of it taking off!
  18. Finished season 2 tonight and it kind of gave me “this is it, over” vibes. Is there any talk of a season 3? As they’d have to be filming it now in the current academic year?
  19. Just finished season two this evening! The way this show takes me on an emotional rollercoaster every time!

    I agree, The Weenies gave me homophobic energy. TVCC were good, like their first full out was incredible and the skill level was mad. But I never found myself rooting for them at all. I wanted so bad for Navarro to win but I guess their loss at Daytona was symbolic of how things had changed for the team - the new fame and being distracted, Covid, The Jerry stuff etc. I also agree it did feel super sad just seeing how the show had somewhat fucked everything up for these people. I do want there to be a third season but the passion and spirit that was in the first season was nowhere in this second season. It felt more like a documentary on the dark side of when fame and sports collide.

    That said, I think Cheer might just be one of the best pieces of television Netflix has ever made.

    Monica stays being a total legend.
  20. I’d like a final season where we see Navarro come out on top once more, from a storyline perspective that would be quite satisfying after TVCC’s victory this season. Likewise, I never found myself rooting for TVCC even though they were presented as the underdog.

    Also, La’Darius… Arrogant prick.
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