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Cheesy Pop Acts Who Went on to Surprise You..?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. I'll start with Aqua. I thought Barbie Girl was annoying and just a one-hit wonder. I didn't really like them/their music. I pretty much hated everything and then this song came out and basically ended up being one of my favourite songs of that year.

    After that I gave them more respect as musicians and went on to love Lene's voice and adored her solo album (which I think I even got on import at the time).

    Can't say I am a big Aqua fan but this song is still brilliant.
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  2. pdf


    Aly & AJ
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  3. Care to elaborate?
  4. You mean Barbie Girl!

    Steps for me, I guess. 5,6,7,8 was, to me, a novelty record. I never expected that we'd hear from them again after that, let alone get the likes of Heartbeat or It's The Way You Make Me Feel from them further down the line.
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  5. Completely agree, Turn back time is absolutely brilliant, such a nice song compared to Barbie Girl and Dr Jones
  6. Mandy Moore fits this quite well- listening to Candy and that whole first album compared to Silver Lining last year, you wouldn’t even think it’s the same artist.

    I love all her albums though, cheesy or not!
  7. I cannot stand any Aqua song except Turn Back Time, which I love.
  8. I suppose Steps sticks out a lot aswell.

    The cheesy holiday camp vibe of the first two singles and then they come out with One For Sorrow.
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  9. Hahaha Oops.
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  10. When the Spice Girls released Wannabe, I thought that they were a novelty group with a novelty song - a bit like a female Village People. I then watched a MTV boyband concert (hosted by Davina McCall and Robbie Williams). The Spice Girls were also there for some reason. It was first time I heard 'Say You'll Be There' - and realised that they were in fact a proper pop band.
  11. Little Mix. I thought they were just your average reality TV created act and made mass produced songs for children back in the day so I never gave them a shot until I heard “Move” randomly.
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  12. Would Tight Fit count?

    If memory serves, they started out as a megamix act, then did The Lion Sleeps Tonight and turned into a sort of proto-Alcazar. Fantasy Island was cute.

    * * *

    Re: Aqua. I remember a friend of mine who hated them until Turn Back Time, when she reassessed, then when My Oh My came along she listened, rolled her eyes, and said: "It's like when that really dim kid in class says something hugely profound and you all go "wow, maybe we got this wrong?" then the next thing they say is asking if the moon is the back of the sun."

    I secretly really liked them. Aquarius (the song) is epic.
  13. I hated Wannabe, but loved the singles after that. I hated everything Take That did until Why Can't I Wake Up With You.

    So those were big turnarounds for me.
  14. Let's face it, most of our faves were pop acts who stuck around longer than anyone expected. No one at all would have predicted Kylie would be a Glastonbury headliner upon the release of Locomotion or Lucky. Madonna's trajectory of Holiday (big hit) followed by Lucky Star (Semi sized hit) and Borderline (peaked outside the top 40 first release) mirrors the likes of Shannon and other brief dance acts.

    Same for Girls Aloud and plenty of other pop acts.
  15. I was genuinely surprised by Back Street Boys, after what felt to me like low-rent attempts at euro pop on their first album. Then Max Martin landed a much bigger role on their second album, and I caved to their poised, synchronised, outstretched (ch)arms. I surprise myself sometimes.

  16. Rebecca Black
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  17. Kylie Minogue who I thought might have two and a half hits and disappear, boy was I wrong (thankfully).

    Did not expect Samantha Fox to sustain a music career that would see global number ones and a visit to the US Top 10 three times.
  18. Steps: I started enjoying them, when I saw clips of the POTDF Tour.
    I only just started appreciating them after watching the Ultimate Tour, their You’ll Be Sorry is one of the best routines with Summer Of Love.
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  19. This was one of my least favourite Take That singles for a long time. Nowadays this is just unfathomable to me. It has somehow emerged as one of their most enduring singles from the early days, but unfortunately it will always be stuck with its “forgotten” hit status, the type of song that would be a Pointless answer.

    Anyway, it’s definitely Girls Aloud for me. I only knew Sound Of The Underground and Jump and didn’t care for either at the time, but because of this forum I found out that they were actually still going circa 2007 (which I didn’t even know) and then Call The Shots turned it all around for me. I still hate that I only got to witness their career as a fan for one full album era, which is probably the reason I’m still very fond of Out Of Control.
  20. By the time Can’t Speak French came out, I knew I had to eat my words - all those wilting criticisms of Girls Aloud I had made unthinkingly over the years... oopsie.
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